Aspirin for Face


Inflammatory acne can be treated with the help of Aspirin which has the most potential to work as an anti-inflammatory agent. Cysts and nodules can also be treated with the help of it. The potential benefits are not clear cut about how effective it is but is considered better in many ways.
How to use Aspirin for face is the big question. It has to be used topically only. When aspirin is consumed orally you won’t find the same effect.
Here are some of the instructions on how to use aspirin for better results. The powdered form of aspirin can be used or alternatively a few tablets can be crushed completely. To make it into a paste aspirin can be added with a teaspoon of hot water. After washing the face with a normal cleanser, this paste has to be applied to the acne. The paste can be used as a mask or can also be used to apply over a spot. After applying the paste leave it to dry from 10 to 15 minutes. Thereby rinse the face thoroughly with warm water. Apply a moisturizer you use normally on your skin after the wash. This process can be repeated twice or thrice in a day until the acne slowly fades from the skin. If this is used as a face mask then it has to be used only a few times in a week.

While it may not work effectively for everyone, there is a wide possibility that it can be used topically only. Alternatively, aspirin can also be used in a different way. Just follow the steps to make a paste with aspirin as followed earlier. When you have made it into a paste to the mixture add aloe Vera gel which is extracted live from the tree. Aloe Vera gel has the capability to reduce the inflammation caused by the Aspirin paste. Tea tree oil can also be used as this helps in treating the acne with anti-inflammatory properties. It soothes the skin while treating the acne. It has an anti-inflammatory property that works well on the free radicals present on the skin. Witch hazel can also be used as an anti-inflammatory agent to mix it with aspirin gel paste. It soothes the acne, makes it firm and helps quickly heal from acne.

User discretion is required while going with any of the said solutions, as the working of aspirin on the face differs from person to person.

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