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Asian Beauty Secrets – Top 8 Incredible Skincare Tips

Asian Beauty Secrets

There are many non-Asians that desire flawless skin such as Asians. Asians are known to take the utmost care of their skin and the secret to their flawless skin is little known.

Asians are known to have flawless skin and practice some incredible kind of skincare routine.

Asians have a diverse skincare routine and a very different skin type. They are known to practice some easy and simple skincare techniques. From their diet to their products, everything is different with regard to Asians.

So if you are wondering and desire a similar kind of flawless skin then here are a few Asian beauty secrets and tips for you:

1) Steam your face as you get in the shower:

Steam your face by adding some beneficial essential oils or even honey or aloe vera as you step into the shower. This will loosen up your pores and make your skin softer that makes it easier to cleanse your skin.

Steaming your face can help you achieve a clean and glowing skin naturally.
2) Steam before you exfoliate:

Being an Asian, using a cloth to steam before you go for exfoliation is a common practice in my household. How do you use a cloth to steam? Take a towel and dip it in hot water.

Apply the towel on your face for a few minutes and let your skin become softer. Then go for mild exfoliation. Use honey instead of harsh exfoliators. Honey is both anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

3) Use natural ingredients:

Asians prefer to making easy DIY skincare remedies for healthier skin rather than going for expensive products. From aloe vera to honey, Asians use it all.

Make some home-made face masks, scrubs, face wash, exfoliators, moisturizers, and even body scrubs with a few natural ingredients.

Use honey, Aloe Vera, milk, TURMERIC, oatmeal, sugar, LEMON JUICE, gram flour, RICE POWDER, and even TOMATOES on a daily basis to keep your skin healthy.
4) Apply a facial essence between two layers of moisturizer:

The key to seal the moisture and to keep your skin nourished is to use a facial essence between two layers of moisturizer.

Facial essences are mild, skin nutrient-filled solutions that will keep your skin hydrated after a thorough cleanse. Add a serum, and then add your moisturizer for maximum skin elasticity and hydration.

5) Double cleanse:

Double cleanse your skin by using a well-balanced cleanser and a foam face wash. Use an aloe vera foam face wash to keep your skin clear, glowing, and hydrated in the long run.

6) Toner:

It might be not in trends yet but using a toner to tighten your skin will be one of the best things you can do to your skin. Toners will balance the pH of your skin and prevent any kind of skin problem.

7) Eye cream:

Since most of us either have ruined sleeping patterns that are super unhealthy for your skin, consider using eye creams to keep puffiness and eye bags at bay.

Use a good intensive eye cream to reduce the puffiness and make them look a little more attractive.

8) Wash your face often:

Washing your face will help in getting rid of the dirt and any kind of bacteria too. Make sure you wash your face 3 times a day to keep it glowing and healthier!

So go ahead, follow these steps, and have glowing skin!

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