Argyria? Consequences, Conclusions, Glossary and Treatment


Argyria is a well known disease in the early 20th century. Patient with argyria with severe discoloration of the skin, scalp, neck, forearm, dorsa of hands and nails and eyes the difference between the normal unaffected skin and the skin affected by argyria, the hand shows a grey discoloration of both skin and nails; therefore, this would indicate tissue that has an accumulation of silver compounds resulting in argyria. In contrast, the hands of normal, unaffected skin and nails shows there is no silver accumulation with the tissue.

Argyria is a disease characterized by the change in color of the skin and other organs and tissues (such as the conjunctiva) of the patient, their natural color to a bluish-gray, this being especially more pronounced change in the exposed areas.

Today, patients are misusing the alternative medication or colloidal silver solutions for bluish-silvery discoloration of the face. The difference between the sun-exposed face which was directly exposed to silver spray and the hand patient produced a silver colloid-solution to treat men suffering from infectious diseases.

Consequences: Hyperpigmentation of the skin, intense blue-gray coloration in exposed area and worsen during the summer. Skin, nails, especially at the level of the lunula, and oral and conjunctival mucous membranes are affected. Also, colloidal silver may damage the kidney, distress the stomach, head ache and make your skin irritate.

Treatment: Treatment with depigmenting preparations is not satisfactory it may reduce the number of silver granules in the upperdermis and around sweat glands and diminish the number of melanocytes. Chelatio attempts to remove the silver from our body have been unsuccessful. Sunscreens and other cosmetics can prevent the further darkening and aid in obvious discoloration of the skin.

Conclusions: Excessive use and self-medication can lead us to have serious health problems, probably alleviate what we want, but we bring much worse consequences. It is best to first consult a doctor and follow his instructions and investigates the sources of good indications of all that lets go to eat or what we are in contact, we must also be informed and take precautions.


Colloidal Silver: Silver is mainly used in the colloidal state, that is, as a solution in which silver particles are dispersed in water. The amounts of silver required to produce colloidal silver are minimal.

Hyperpigmentation: In dermatology is the darkening of an area of the skin caused by increase melanin can be caused by sun expose, or other skin disorder, including pimples, rashes etc.

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