Are Razor Burns Common During Pregnancy?

Are Razor Burns Common During Pregnancy

Having a child is indeed a gift and women are bestowed with this gift due to their sheer power. Pregnancy lightens up moods of several families and even sows a seed of hope. A pregnant woman goes through several unnamed phases in this process of giving birth to a new life.

Some women experience extreme pain whereas some experience absolutely no pain. Some women during pregnancy have a flawless glow-up whereas some struggle with acne, blemishes, and dark spots.

The extreme difference in skin and bodies of pregnant women are result of major hormonal changes. One such common change in the skin of pregnant women is the appearance of razor burns. Razor burns are nothing but when the pores of your skin get clogged and make your hair curl inward. This leads to the hair growing inwards and developing into bumps.

Razor burns may cause you insecurity and discomfort regarding your physical appearance yet it is said to be common. The development of razor burns is normal during pregnancy and therefore, does not indicate any threat to your physical health.

As these are normal during pregnancy and usually fade away after delivery, you can leave them as it is. In case, you still want to reduce their appearance, here are some simple ways to get rid of your razor burns:

1) Shave often:

Shaving often removes unwanted hair and will help you get rid of any further development of razor burns. Make sure you shave frequently and before shaving, use a suitable body scrub. Body scrubs help in exfoliation and cleaning up the clogged skin pores.

2) Change the razor blade:

Do not use the same razor more than 3-4 times. Using the same razor several times increases the chances of developing razor burns.

3) Moisturize your skin frequently:

Clean off your skin with a warm towel or a washcloth by rubbing it gently towards the areas shaved. This will prevent the further development of ingrown hair. After you clean your skin, do not forget to moisturize it thoroughly. Moisturizing frequently gives you a smoother finish.

However, you do not need to worry about razor burns as they are very normal and temporary. Just take care of yourself and best of luck for your journey towards motherhood!

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