Aquagenic Urticaria (Water Allergy) Causes, Treatment Options, Signs and Symptoms


Aquagenic Urticaria is a painful skin reaction resulting from contact with water internally and externally. Aquagenic Urticaria is red and sometimes itchy bumps on your skin. They appear in different shape and size anywhere on your body. Urticaria occurs to certain chemical reaction inside the skin. Sometimes when urticaria attacks do not occur frequently, people do not bother to take preventive measures. Do not ignore as it can lead to bigger disease and cause so much pain.

Currently there is no cure and the successful treatment of this disease. To lead a normal life, he/she has to avoid any contact with water and should always carry an umbrella. Even the experts do not possess all the information about the rare diseases. In general, dermatologists agree that there is a relationship between allergy to water and increased histamine levels in the blood, but the drugs that reduce the histamine levels, often do not bring any relief.

The disease is caused when a long time he/she did not take any measures to deal with water allergies. How hard is it to live with allergies, knows only one who faced that. However, there are other, more dangerous complications of allergies, which people sometimes do not realize, having a disease. Allergy is the very most unpleasant condition of the body if you suffer from an allergy to water just stay away from it.

What is Urticaria?

Hives or nettle rash or wheals

Heighten sensitivity of skin

Allergic or non allergic

Occurs at any age group

Male and female equally affected.

No variations with race


Causes: The causes can occur after bathing, swimming, or walking on a rain, Irregular shaped or vertical lines on the skin. A large number of human populations suffer from urticaria without knowing the cause. They concentrate much in finding urticaria relief instead of the cause. There are many causes of Urticaria with much human population suffering from this condition during their lifetime.

Signs and Symptoms: The symptoms include itching of the skin, burning of the skin, difficulty swallowing and breathing. The eruptions may disappear after some time and reappear on another part. Disappear without leaving any trace.

Treatment options for Urticaria:

  1. Conventional Treatment gives faster relief in itching but does not address cause of the disease. Adverse affects like drowsiness and suppresses body’s healing power.
  2. Homeopathic Treatment can control the disease process and stop the acute episodes of urticaria. It also improves the immune system and gave relief from itching.

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