Apple Cider Vinegar for Dark Underarms

Apple Cider Vinegar for Dark Underarms

We always have that sleeveless or off-shoulder dress that we do not dare to wear. Reason? Underarms. your underarms might be clean-shaven, but what remains is the dark patch that just refuses to go. This can be dealt with many off the counter creams and lotions, but going the natural way has always proven to be more beneficial and effective.

Before we read on how effective Apple Cider  Vinegar for Dark Underarms, let us first see why in the first place we face this issue of dark underarms?
1. Due to hormonal imbalance
2. Due to wearing ill-fitted clothes especially tight ones
3. Shaving
4. Dead cells forming in the layer of the skin.
5. Other ailments like diabetes, infections
Now, let’s dive into various ays in which Apple Cider Vinegar can be used to treat dark underarms

1. ACV Scrub 

All you need

1. 1 spoon ACV
2. 1 spoon baking sods


1. Mix both the ingredients well
2. Let it frizz for some time and allow it to settle down.
3. Scrub it on your underarms, and wash off after 10 minutes of scrubbing
4. Pat it dry. 

2. ACV wash

All you need

1. Apple Cider Vinegar


1. Take 3 spoons of ACV and mix it in 1 cup of water
2. Take a cotton ball, and apply it by dipping in ACV.
3. Wash it off after it dries up.

3. ACV  mask with turmeric

All you need

1. 1 spoon turmeric
2. 2 spoons ACV


1. Mix both the ingredients
2. With the help of a cotton ball, apply it on underarms.
3. Let it dry
5. Wash it off.

4. Underarm Spray

All you need

1. 2 spoons ACV
2. 1 spoon rose water
3. Few drops of essential oil


1. Mix all the ingredients in a spray bottle
2. Spray on your underarms, once you clean and pat it dry.
3. Let it sit for some time and wash off.

5. ACV bath

All you need
1. 1 cup ACV
1. Before going for a bath, add a cup of ACV to your bathtub
2. Sit in the bath for 10 minutes, and let it soak in.
3. Wash off with normal water once done.

Benefits of ACV for skin

  • Apple cider vinegar contains amino acids that dissolve the dead cells and also burns the extra fat.
  • The lactic and malic acids reduce the scar on the skin.
  • It restores the pH value of the skin.
  • The antibacterial quality that ACV has kills harmful bacteria.
  • The hydroxyl in ACV removes excess of oil and dirt from the skin making it look clean and clear.

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