Actress in ‘Jerry Maguire’-Kelly Preston-Dies at 57

Kelly Preston

Kelly Preston was an American actress and formal model who worked in more than 60 television and film productions, most famous Mischief, Twins, Jerry Maguire.

She started her career in romantic comedy ‘Mischief’ as a teen. she appeared in other roles such as Secret Admirer, SpaceCamp, Twins, and a lot more.

Kelly Preston was also a spokeswoman for Neutrogena, appeared in television and print ads. she won Golden Raspberry Awards as a World Supporting Actress for ‘Battlefield Earth’ Production.

Her last screen role was 2018’s Gotti,  played the role of Victoria Gotti, the wife of mob boss John Gotti (Travolta).

After two year battle with breast cancer, she died on 12th July 2020.



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