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A Complete Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Yoni Eggs!


Yoni is a type of Sanskrit work that means female sexual organs. Most people are aware of this word. This means uterus or you can also call it a vagina. Now, yoni eggs are the egg-shaped stone or you can say egg-shaped crystal which is inserted into the yoni or worn for some benefits.

There are many types of benefits which are provided by yoni eggs as it helps you in reducing the menstrual cramps, strengthens the muscles of your vagina, it also balances the hormones of females and many more which you even can’t imagine.

Now, talking about how it works, when you insert it into your vagina then it will increase the blood flow and even improves the blood circulation in that area.  It will help you in providing you a healthier and stronger yoni.

Now, you should be very careful before going to choose the yoni eggs for yourself as they are available in three types of sizes. These sizes are very common and you should choose the size of yoni eggs according to the size of your vagina.

It is advisable that if you are just a beginner then you should go for the smaller one as the beginners did not have much knowledge about the sizes and all so you can just try the smaller one first.

And, if you are confused about which egg or crystal to be used then you can just use the jade egg if you are a beginner. Jade egg will be best suited to people who are beginners.

There are other types of eggs and crystals which are available for you like: nephrite jade, black obsidian, rose quartz and many more and all of these have many types of benefits.

Now, two types of yoni eggs are available like drilled and undrilled yoni eggs and you should be aware of the difference between the two.

The drilled yoni egg is a drilled yoni egg that has a very small hole and the people who are beginners refer to using drilled yoni eggs in the beginning. It is not very safe but the undrilled yoni egg is very much safe for you and also it can be easily removed.

When you start using this yoni egg, it is very important to clean it properly and then use it. As you know that yoni or the vagina is a very much delicate part of your body so you should be careful before using this. You can just wash the yoni egg with clean and warm water.

You have to boil the yoni egg for 15 minutes in the hot water to clean it properly but be careful that water should not be too much boiled otherwise the egg will break down and then use it carefully.

It is very important to choose the best and the quietest place to insert your yoni egg. You can just use any type of lubricant to soften the tissues. The best lubricant to use is coconut oil, just use that.

It is advisable to just lay down and then carry on with the process but just stay calm and relax. After that, just insert the yoni egg very carefully. Do not force it, rather do it very gently and allow your vagina to accept that.

This is the way through which you will be able to use this yoni egg properly.



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