9 Things I Gave Up To Help My Depression And Anxiety

Depression And Anxiety

As we know that most of the people face the problem of depression and anxiety in their life. I have also faced the same. This is generally caused due to some bad habits. I have many bad habits which leads to such depression and anxiety.

But I was successful in helping my depression and anxiety by stopping some of my bad things. So, here are the 9 things that I stopped doing or gave up to help my depression and anxiety.


Junk food is the bad habit which everyone has. I used to eat a lot of junk food everyday while coming from school or while going to tuition so it has a very bad impact on our mind. Basically, junk food makes the working of our mind very slow. I used to feel very lazy and tired everyday by eating such junk foods and become depressed and anxiety became common in my nature. That’s why I stopped eating junk foods and after that I have seen some changes in me. It helps my depression and anxiety to slow down.


Alcohol is one of the things which makes everyone depressed. I used to drink a lot of alcohol and it dips me into depression and anxiety. It has a very negative impact on our mind and we all used to become depressed. After drinking alcohol, I used to act in a very embarrassing way which makes me depressed and anxious. So, I have given up this alcohol for the rest of my life.


Everyone loves social media and net surfing but it is also a big reason for being depressed and in anxiety. I generally use social media a lot and use to see many people living a wonderful life. By comparing me with others, I have developed depression and a feeling of anxiety in myself. So, I have decided to stop using this waste of social media.


As we all know that enough sleep is very important for our body and health. But I sleep very late. I used to stay up late at night with my laptop and mobile phone which makes me depressed. By using mobile phones till late at night, I failed to get enough sleep and started feeling depressed. This also gave birth to my anxiety. So, I have decided to give up this habit of staying up late at night.

  1. COFFEE:

Coffee is good to drink but if we drink coffee most of the time and also at night then we will not be able to sleep enough at night and will not be able to get fresh. I used to drink a lot of coffee in a day which made me depressed and anxious. Coffee is not good for your health and we should not drink a lot of coffee. I have stopped drinking a lot of coffee in a day.


I used to compare myself with my friends, relatives and many other people which makes me depressed. I used to compare myself with the people who are good to me and this gave rise to the feeling of anxiety in myself so I stopped comparing myself to the other people. If you want to live a healthy and happy life then you should also stop comparing yourself with others.


Stop complaining. I used to complain about the things which are not invalid. This made me depressed. You should not complain about anything. If you will stop complaining then you will feel much better than before.


Generally, I used to beat myself for some reasons and after that I feel very depressed and anxious by thinking about why I have done this. So, you should not beat yourself but self -care and self- love is very important. Now, I stopped beating myself and I have started loving myself.


Do not worry about anything. If you worry about one thing you will feel depressed and anxious. You should make your mind free of worries and tensions. These worries will have a negative impact on your mind and you will feel depressed and anxious. So, do not worry about anything.

So, these are the 9 things which I gave up or stopped doing to help my depression and anxiety.

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