9 Symptoms Women Must Never Ignore

They say never ignore the slightest change in your health. Rightly so, health is wealth. But how many of us do seriously take proper care of our health? Especially we women tend to ignore sight changes in our health until and unless it is high time for us, and later it turns out irreparable or major loss to our body.
Our body gives us signals in its own way of any impending disease or ailment. But we often brush it off, citing it a minor issue without giving it a second thought unless it becomes quite grave.
Here is the list of 9 symptoms women must never ignore 
1. Extreme fatigue
Fatigue is an extremely common phenomenon for anyone. It can be either due to overexertion, or lack of sleep or any other reason. But extreme fatigue on a regular basis is not something to ignore. It can be a sign of some serious ailments like hypertension, thyroid disease or diabetes. It can also be a trigger for depression. Extreme fatigue is never a symptom to brush off, so if you experience it regularly,  it’s time to consult a physician right away.
Headaches are quite common with most of the population. Almost half of the population suffers from this. But not all headaches are to be taken lightly. If someone describes that they are having the worst headache of their life, it’s time to consult a doctor. And if it’s accompanied by neck stiffness or drooping of one part of the body it’s about time to call 911.
3. Upper body discomfort
Many women who have experienced a heart attack have admitted having upper body discomfort or slight chest pain as early symptoms of a heart attack. Slight pain in the chest area or jaw pain or pain in the arms is an indicator of an impending heart attack. So ladies, whenever you feel slight discomfort in the upper part of the body, it’s time to consult a physician immediately.
4. Sudden weight loss without effort
We women are often obsessed with weight loss and try different ways to attain it. But sometimes the weight loss occurs on its own, without any efforts and that is not an ideal situation. It can have some grace consequences such as cancer, depression, infection, etc.. Its better to get medical intervention if you are facing unintentional weight loss. 
5. Changes in Breast or nipples
This can never be taken on a light note, as there are lakhs of women who suffer from breast cancer every minute. In breast cancer, early detection is the cure. So, a slight change in your breast or nipples can mean it can be a tumor or early form of cancer. A yearly mammogram is recommended for every woman, especially when they have crossed the menopausal age. 
6. Heavy painful periods
The monthly cycle can be really a breeze for some, but for others, it might be a little painful one. But, when you suddenly go through extremely heavy and painful periods all of a sudden, this might signal an underlying uterine fibroid.  It is a noncancerous fibroid, that needs to be surgically removed. But the onset can only be known through heavy and painful periods. So ladies, do not ignore this ever. 
7. Pain during sex
This can be really common, but women must be watchful if the pain is unbearable during intercourse. It can be a sign of endometriosis,  where tissue similar to the uterine lining, grows outside of the uterus. It can be accompanied by pelvic pain, pain during washroom visits. An immediate visit to the Gyneac will solve the issue, hormonal treatment being the first line of treatment 
8. Skin Changes
Sudden onset of warts, moles or black spots on skin can never be overlooked as these are the first signs of melanoma. A skin cancer, that can be cured only if treated and detected early. Hence, never overlook a growing war mole or skin growth and get a skin test done right away. 
9. Chronic night sweats
Are you waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat? Even when the weather is rather cool?  It can be a sign of chronic thyroid disorders, anxiety or even lead to certain types of cancer.

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