9 Side Effects of Flu Shot


Once upon a time, the influenza virus was considered a big threat to life. History talks blatantly about this killer disease and also about its interesting cures that seldom gave relief. This is the same flu that as responsible for the 1981 Spanish flu which took the lives of 100 million. Due to research and modern treatment techniques the flu can be contained but is still deadly.

It is important to know that influenza virus is an ever evolving virus, which simply means that the flu shots need to be taken regularly. This is done in order to keep up with the ever changing dynamics of the influenza virus. These flu shots not always have side effects but it’s more important to receive the shots for the protection they provide.

#1- Headache

We all have a felt a headache and know how irritating and disrupting it can get. At times, headaches do not need a reason to occur. Sometimes, the flu shots do the honours’ of inviting one.

Flu shot headache hangs around for a couple of days after taking the shot. It wouldn’t hurt much and is manageable by drugs like ibuprofen. Seek medical attention if side effect gets severe.

#2-Pains and Aches

Our body aches and pain even if we do not have an illness. It could be due to lifting something heavy or even exercise. But pain and ache are also a side effect of influenza shot.

After the flu shot it is common to feel achy. The pain is manageable by ibuprofen and you will be fine in a couple of days. Just in case if the pain and aches get too uncomfortable seek medical attention.

#3- injection site soreness

Fear of injection needles is real. People with this fear get anxious by just seeing one. It is really brave of them to go ahead and get one for life sake. It is common for people to feel sore after getting an injection.

Soreness at the injection site is the most common flu shot side effect. It can get swollen and have a slightly warm feel if felt. This is due to the inflammation. It is quite a harmless side effect and will pass in a few days.


A fever means your body has become a host for foreign elements. Your antibodies are working hard to throw these elements off their game hence the fever.

After the flu shot, a slight fever is evident. It can be around for a couple of days. If the fever gets too hot seek medical attention as soon as possible.


You must have felt light-headed after skipping a meal r even by standing a bit too quickly. You can even feel dizzy if it gets too hot and humid. A flu shot is also another reason to get dizzy.

A slight light-headed feeling will be experienced after you get a flu shot. You will need to lay down for some time and the feeling fades in a day. If it gets severe see a doctor.

#6-Shoulder Pain

Injections are taken on the shoulder hence it’s natural for the muscle around the injection site to feel sore. The flesh at the site of injection is pierced and tore to give way to the needle hence the pain.

Pain is an inflammatory response and indicates a well functioning immune system. The flu shot need to be delivered into our system for the greater good so a little pain is tolerable.


An allergic reaction to a shot is not unheard of and is quite common. This reaction is quite evident in the around the injection site. A mild itch is very common and will pass in an hour or a day.

In some the rash can get too red and too itchy. If rashes appear all over the body then immediate medical attention is needed.


The muscle around the injection site is likely to get swollen after the piercing and flesh tearing which is quite normal. The swollenness will be limited only to the injection site and not all over the body.

The swollen area will be quite warm to touch due to the inflammation. If a severe allergic reaction arises from the influenza flu shot it can even cause anaphylactic shock which can prove to be fatal.

#9- Difficulties in Breathing

Issues with rhythmic breathing arise after strenuous exercise, a brisk walk and even anxiety. At times we do not even realize it and it occurs suddenly. Breathing difficulty can arise due to many reasons and should be checked immediately.

If you ever face breathing difficulty after a flu shot, get yourself checked immediately. A reaction as severe as a breathing difficulty should be evaluated as soon as possible to avoid drastic consequences.

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