9 Pro Secrets For Your Healthiest Hair Ever

We all have always dreamt of the long lustrous hair likes of celebrities. But what we fail to see is that the hair is just long or healthy too?
Yes. Healthy hair is a thing and is equally important as a healthy body. Having healthy hair means not only in length but also in strength. Here are 9 Pro Secrets For Your Healthiest Hair Ever.
1. Throw the outdated in trash
This is a very simple yet thumb rule of any beauty regimen. Be it creams, serums, hair sprays, masks or even hair dryers or curling combs, the outdated stuff belongs to the trash. De-clutter your hair products regularly and sort them out for a much better quality hair regimen.
2. Identify your type of hair
Identifying the type of hair is the first and foremost step before starting your hair regimen, as only then you can actually work towards its growth. The reason being, not everything is made for everyone, and there are different types of products for different types of hair, oily, dry, frizzy or any other. 
3. Wash your hair
This is a no brainer. Washing your hair has more benefits than one. And it is the root cause for building up of residue on the scalp or itchy and dry scalp. Oily hair needs regular wash too. So, be it any kind of hair, washing it regularly thoroughly can avoid most of the problems. 
4. Do not rub with a towel
As soon as you get out of the shower, do not rub your hair vigorously with a towel. As it causes more friction to the cuticles, causing more frizz thus breaking the hair ultimately. Instead, pat your hair dry gently, it may take time but gives a mirror finish to your hair. 
5. The right kind of comb
Detangling your rough knots as soon as you step out of the shower can be oh so satisfying but can be equally damaging. It can cause hair to break midway and ultimately hair loss. Using a wide-mouthed comb works best for detangling. Once detangled, hair can be styled by any brush. 
6. Use silk pillowcases
Using any other pillowcases, other than silk pillowcases can cause unnecessary friction and make hair frizzy. Silky hair can be easily achieved by using a silk pillowcase.
Staying hydrated is the key to many problems related to skin or hair. Drinking enough water can not only help the scalp from getting dry and dehydrated. It can also promote hair growth. 
8. Go natural
There are so many DIY videos and posts about all the hair related problems and most of them have proved to work well too. So it’s alright to ditch those off the counter products and indulge in the benefits of nature for best results and zero side effects.
9. Use appropriate hair accessories
Using scrunchies or spiral hair ties is much better than using those elastic bands that cause an indent after long hours of tying a ponytail or making your hair too tight and finally break off. So, opting for suitable hair accessories is one of the 9 Pro Secrets For Your Healthiest Hair Ever.

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