9 Benefits of Never Drinking Alcohol

Never Drinking Alcohol

The benefits of never drinking alcohol are numerous, ask the teetotaller. The reasons for not drinking are budget friendly, good for your physical and mental health, and can boost your confidence immediately.

The main reason for not consuming alcohol; drinking honestly is quite an expensive habit. It can cost a fortune sometimes.

Majority of people facing problems in managing their budget can reduce or completely cut down their alcohol intake, it might help them to increase their savings.

According to research, a large chunk of people’s income is spent on consumption of alcoholic beverages. So never touching the bottle again is going to save you a lot of bucks.

The second reason being you will never have a hangover again. Just imagine that; no throbbing pain in your head and a fresh start to your day.

Also no blackouts or doing anything crazy after drinking if you never have alcohol.

It will make you more productive and your liver will thank you. Your liver is another reason for not drinking alcohol.

The main job of your liver is to remove toxins from your body. When you drink water it helps the liver with the process.

But when you hit the bottle it instead jams up this process and ends up harming your liver.

Thus your liver is then unable to function properly and your body has a lot of toxic substance which are not flushed out as they are supposed to.

According to medical research, your heart is also at risk. The myth being that red wine is good for your heart is untrue, have a hot beverage or soup instead, it will help you in the long run.

Never drinking alcohol can reduce your risk of heart attack, it shall also keep control on your blood pressure.

Having beer gives you a beer belly, it is a known and proven fact. Quit the drinking habits and lose weight.

Another reason of never drinking alcohol, you will able to achieve that weight goal, or get in shape easily.

Alcohol consumption may seem the only way to bond with your peers but that is false. There are various ways to enjoy without getting drunk.

Not drinking helps to elevate your mood and you are more optimistically cheerful.

Also never drinking alcohol gives you more free time, less episodes of confusion and more quality time with family, friends and colleagues.

Never ever drinking alcohol reduces anxiety and depression. Also, another benefit is your speech shall improve and you will fumble less.

Benefit of never drinking alcohol is that you will be saved from many embarrassing situations.

People have done crazy stuff after drinking, some have even gotten married and regretted it after being sober.

It might seem romantic and all mushy in movies but in reality it doesn’t work for a majority of people. Never drinking reduces the chance of accidents.

Most of the hit and run are caused by being under the influence of substance mainly alcohol. So not drinking means you are driving safely to your destination after a party or gathering.

You won’t cause a human or animal their life, that is a huge reason if you ask me.

Alcohol wrecks your sleeping pattern, stop drinking and you will fall asleep better.

Your body needs a good night’s sleep to be energetic to get through the day and a good night’s sleep means glowing skin.

It is a pretty good deal. Also reducing or cutting down alcohol gives you clear skin, no more inflammation or acne on your skin.

Never drinking alcohol will also lower your sugar intake. Alcohol and liquor are sweetened and it can pump up your sugar levels.

Not drinking alcohol diminishes the risk of diabetes. Along with no blackouts, not drinking alcohol ever will result in sharper memory.

Alcohol clouds your brains and you tend to forget a lot. Never drinking alcohol will clear your brain and you will have better chances of retaining information.

Hence your chances of you getting dementia or alzheimer decreases.

Therefore you shall have an independent and comparatively healthy old age as compared to the drinkers. People sit for dinners and consume alcohol with food.

The nutrients that are supposed to reach your stomach and make your body healthy gets obstructed because of alcohol.

Thus it leads to less nutrition in your body. Your food is unable to perform its duty.

Never drinking alcohol enhances your nutrition of your body. Instead of beer or wine at the dinner table; a healthy alternative can be opted for.

Water or fruit juices being some of the healthy drinks. When you are properly fed and nourished, it increases the immunity of your body making it resist the diseases.

Alcohol consumption kills the good bacteria needed to fight germs hence making your body vulnerable to infections and diseases. Never drinking alcohol will keep you healthy and fit.

Also, it means you get sick less and save up on medical bills which are enormously expensive, not drinking can land you at the doctor’s less, can save your hospital expenses, it can also get you into less unfortunate incidents.

Being healthy will let you enjoy life more, and never drinking alcohol means you are less puking your lungs out.

Never drinking alcohol reduces the risk of various types of cancer; lung cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer being some of them.

Never drinking alcohol makes you more energetic and you get better at sports.

Quitting alcohol and being a teetotaller has a lot benefits. It shall require some efforts but once you are sober the effects will be life changing.

Sobriety is trending, hop on to the bandwagon, ask a teetotaller the advantages and quit the bottle.

Never drinking alcohol shrinks the chances of obesity, it also balances your budget, makes you fluent at communication skills, you are more of an optimist and less of a pessimist, have a cheerful disposition, you will have healthy long life and no bad smell.

The benefits of never drinking alcohol are multiple, what you require is just one step towards a lifetime of sobriety.

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