8 Things That You Should Never Put On Your Face

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Our skin is the most delicate organ, they say. Indeed it’s true. Our skin has always been a very sensitive organ and needs extra care when compared to other parts of the body. Especially the face needs a lot more attention as it comprises of the most sensitive skin than other parts.

In quest of getting that flawless glow or fair complexion,  we often put our face through a lot of grueling aka harmful products and chemicals. Intentionally or unintentionally, we often subject our face to extremely hazardous things that may seem harmless at first but later turn out to be the exact opposite. We often stress upon the products that our face needs, but this article stresses 8 Things that you should never put on your Face. Read on to know more 
1.  Hair Color
This may work wonders for your grey hair but is equally harmful to your skin. Especially face. Many of you might want your hair color to match your brows, but that may cause irreparable damage to your skin. So, if you desire a matching color of hair and brows, opt for a vegetable-based color or a tinted shade. 
2. Shampoo
The same shampoo that claims to treat all your hair problems, can itself pose a threat if applied on the face as a face wash. As it is designed to treat the coarse surface that is the scalp, it is harmful to the skin of the face as it may leave the delicate skin feeling extremely dry and flaky. 
3.Body Lotion
This may surprise you a little bit. But yes.  Slathering body lotions all over the body including face can cause serious damage to the face, as the fragrance in body lotions is thicker when compared to face creams, and have no special benefits like anti-aging or brightness.
4. Acetic Acids or vinegar
Applying vinegar directly on the skin can prove to be risky. Instead, opt for a toner that contains vinegar. As, a vinegar that is in your possession for long, can actually burn your skin.
Deodorant has always been used for maintaining those underarms odorless. But applying deodorant on the face can stop perspiration and cause more harm than good. Even if you feel that you might need to, just stop right away and do not use it anywhere near your face. 
6. Hair Spray
Many DIY videos show that hair spray can help make up stay in place. But that’s all hoax. Hair spray has alcohol, which can leave your face feeling dry and the repellents in it may also cause severe bumps and rashes on the face, giving it a reddish tint. 
7. Mayonnaise 
This has been used to make many DIY masks that boast of instant fairness but in reality, these are too greasy to be applied on the face. These clog pores and makes the skin to breathe freely. Thus, mayonnaise has to be totally avoided to be applied on the face. 
8. Nail Polish
Gearing up for that Halloween party? And trying your hands on nail polish to get that spooky look? Drop your plans of doing so, as nail polish is a thing that must be only avoided in any other place other than nails. It has acrylic molecules that make face dry and have potential harm causing ingredients.

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