8 Cancer Causing Foods You Need to Stop Eating Now

cancer causing foods

It has been rightly said that we are what we eat. There are various foods on earth that are beneficial and harmful to us. Sometimes due to increased affinity towards taste alone makes us eat all the wrong kinds of food. Here is a list of 8 Cancer-Causing Foods You Need to Stop Eating Now.

  1. Canned food items – Out of the can foods save time, can be eaten on-the-go and are easy to store with a long shelf life. Now, this is where we are going wrong. Food cans are lined with BPA which is bisphenol-A. This chemical has shown the ability to alter rat brain cells. Stick to fresh vegetables, meat, fish, chicken and fruits instead of preferring a genetically modifying chemical that does more harm than good.
  2. Processed meats – sausages, hot dogs, baloney, etc are some of the processed foods that have no nutrition value. Doctors and medical centers issue warnings against these products every now and then. The packing material used to fill the meat in is carcinogenic to the human body.
  3. Refined sugar – we all have a sweet tooth but for some, living off sugar is the only thing they know. According to studies, refined sugar is the biggest cause of cancer. White refined sugar causes insulin to rise which in turns feed the cancer cells. Seek organic sweeteners like honey or maple syrup. Look at labels to know the amount refined sugar is present in products. Did you know oncologists are using diabetic drugs to fight cancer?
  4. Smoked foods – foods that are pickled, salted and smoked have preservatives in them to give them a longer shelf-life. These additives not only deplete the natural elements of the food but increased toxins in them. These toxins in our body accumulate and cause cancer. Smoked foods contain nitrates which when exposed to higher temperatures convert into nitrites.
  5. White flour – yes, white flour is cancer-causing food which we happily consume every day. White flour is nothing but refined which means zero nutritional value. Wheat is brown is in color so how come the flour is white. Well, chlorine is used to bleach the flour. This flour is nothing but carbohydrate which is converted to sugars in the body. High insulin levels are not great for health. Remember cancer cells thrive in a sugary environment.
  6. Sodas – It’s hard to resist the sparkly bubbly drinks but it’s high time we do. Sodas contain HFCS- which is high-fructose corn syrup. Again, its nothing but sugar. Carbonated beverages have zero nutritional value and actually rob the nutrition already present in your body when consumed. That’s some wicked food we are consuming.
  7. Farmed fishes – it’s a sad commercialization truth. Salmon sold in the US are treated with loads of antibiotics, pesticides and other cancer-causing elements. In the fish farms, 60% of salmon is raised in crowded ponds with little interest in hygiene. These antibiotics control the parasite and bacterial outbreaks in these crowded ponds to prevent salmon from getting infected.
  8. Hydrogenated oil – chemically treated and extracted vegetable oils are major cancer-causing foods. They are filled with an unhealthy form of omega-6 fatty substances which change the cell membrane structure.

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