7 Styling Habits For Fab Strands

Styling Habits for Fab Strands

A beauty regimen that only focuses on the skin is an incomplete one without following styling Habits for fab strands. As far as grooming is concerned, it includes both skin and hair. Thus, hair grooming must never be undermined. A perfect mane can make or the lack of it may break your overall look. So here are seven hair care habits that give you those fab strands, which can make anyone envious.

1. Keep Away From Heat
Those straighteners may sure look alluring but it does no good to your locks. The heat from those straightening irons damage hair in many ways than one. These instruments not only dry the hair exponentially but also make it prone to premature brittleness resulting in split ends.
2. Replace Brushes Regularly
Remember the last time you changed your hairbrush? Due to excessive use of hairbrushes, they result in jagged ends thus causing more frizz and damage on hair cuticles.  Thus keep changing your hairbrush, the same way you change your make up brushes.
3. Deep Conditioning
This is one of the most useful yet common habits of most of us. Though we condition our hair every time after wash, deep conditioning is something different. It not necessarily be after every wash, but on a regular basis, where the scalp is massaged with conditioner deeply, so as to strengthen the roots.
4. Watch Your Diet
Include a lot of food enriched with fatty acids and B complex like flaxseed oil, walnuts, almonds, potatoes, spinach, low-fat dairy, and lentils. In addition, one can use multivitamin supplements.
5. Trimming Is The Key
Generally, hair tends to get split ends, as it grows in length. And split ends pose a hindrance in further growth of healthy hair. Thus, trimming it on a regular basis helps maintain those luscious strands.
6. Use Suitable Hair Care Products
Using appropriate hair care products is a vital step in achieving that enviable mane. The products depend upon the type of hair and thus, using inappropriate products on your hair,  can not only slow the growth but also damage the hair to an extent.
7. Protecting Your Hair From Weather Condition’s 
Your hair is exposed to the harsh sun, Same like your skin and thus it is of prime importance that you use a conditioner that helps protect your hair from the harmful UVA and UVB Ray’s in summer. In winter, hair might be prone to itchy scalp dandruff and in the rainy season, the hair might be sticky or oily. Taking care of your mane according to the weather is an inevitable thing in your hair care regimen.

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