7 Benefits of Ginger Tea

7 Benefits of Ginger Tea

Ginger Tea aka ‘adrak ki chai’ is one of the most widely accepted ‘desi totkas’ for several health issues. I’m sure almost every one of us was forced to gulp down a huge cup of Ginger tea by our mothers every time we felt weak or sick. And guess what? As usual, our mothers were never wrong.

This Tea has several exceptional benefits and some of them are listed below :

1) Improves Digestion :

Consumption of this tea will improve your digestion and increase the absorption of food. It can reduce bloating, relieve nausea, and even constipation. Ginger tea is the best way to improve the functions of your digestive symptoms.

2) Inflammation :

This tea helps in reducing inflammation especially that of muscles and joints. It relaxes your muscles after a long exhausting day and makes you feel rejuvenated. Apart from this, it also helps in healing inflammation joints and reduce the pain.

3) Menstrual Discomfort :

This tea is an effective way to relieve menstrual cramps and reduce the discomfort by huge levels. You can either drink ginger tea with honey for relieving cramps or soak a towel in hot ginger tea and place it on your stomach. It will relax your muscles and help you manage your menstrual cycle without any pain.

4) Respiratory Issues :

Having this tea helps in relieving several respiratory problems including congestion. It helps you get rid of flu or common cold like health problems and improves respiration.

5) De-stressing :

Ginger tea is said to have several healing properties that will calm your brain and help it function better. Its aroma is said to de-stress your body and even help you sleep better. Ginger tea is my personal “go-to de-stressing agent”!

6) Immunity :

This tea also helps in strengthening your immunity. It has high levels of antioxidants that prevent cell damage and promote cell repair. This Tea helps in reducing oxidative stress in your cell and prevents your cells to undergo a sudden death. It will protect you from diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s eventually improving your brain function.

7) Blood Circulation :

Ginger tea also helps in improving your blood circulation and restores several vitamins in your body. It will reduce the chances of having a heart attack and protect you from numerous cardiovascular problems.

No wonder Indian Mothers are known as doctors without an MBBS degree!

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