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6 Vacations Inspired Manicure Ideas

Manicure Ideas

As you know that as summers arrive most of the people start planning for their vacations. In summers, most of the people choose the beachy places to enjoy there in summers.

And it is compulsory for all the women that if they are planning for any type of vacation then they will try the manicure.

There are manicure ideas which you can try and all these are ideas inspired only by vacations that will give you the vacation look and feel.

As you know that manicure is done on your fingertips to make them beautiful and give them the look.

If you try the manicure during your vacation time then you should choose the manicure ideas keeping in mind the location of your vacation.

Now, as you know that summers are coming, most of the people will visit the beachy places like Goa and all so all the women should try the beachy type of look on their fingertips.

So, here are the vacation-inspired manicure ideas which you can try:


This look can be tried on your fingertips as it will give a sandy type of look to your nails.

As you know that sand is always available in beachy places, you can just go for the sandy beaches and look at your fingertips by making them brownish.


As this name suggests, this look will give the beach ball type of look to your hands.

This design will give a type of strip look in which your nails will get divided into two parts one remains white and the another blue.

This manicure idea is also very best as it is well inspired by the vacation.


This manicure idea will give a wavy look to your hands or your fingertips.

It will look like the waves of the ocean on your fingertips and will give the beachy look to you. You must try this.


As you know that in the beachy areas the most important thing is the sunset.

Everyone likes to enjoy the sunset sight there as the sun looks very much beautiful there at the time of sunset, so you can also try this design on your fingertips.

It will give a sunset look to your fingertips.


It is also a very famous and beautiful manicure idea for you where deep blue waves will be drawn on your fingertips and they will give you the beachy look and feel.

Everyone likes to enjoy the deep blue waves in the beachy area so you can also go for this idea.


As you know that summers is the season where people like to wear and like to see the cooling, refreshing and bright colours.

You can also try the bright and the cool colour design on your fingertips.

So, these are some of the manicure ideas which are only and only inspired by vacations and if you are planning to go on a vacation then you can just try one of them for that.

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