5 Ways To Use Olive Oil For Dark Spots

Olive Oil For Dark Spots

Dark spots are caused by excessive production of melanin, which causes skin darkening. Hormonal imbalance, pollution, exposure to the sun can lead to this too. Various of the counter medicines are available to treat them, but they can be treated by using our very humble olive oil too. Olive oil has the following properties.

It contains –
1. Vitamin A- protect skin against hyperpigmentation
2. Vitamin C- contains antioxidants that prevent skin damage
3. Vitamin E- protects skin against harmful UV rays
4. Olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties
It is termed as one of the best exfoliators.

You can include/use olive oil in the following ways to treat dark spots:
1. Vitamin E face pack

1. Take oil of two vitamin E capsules and mix 2 spoons of olive oil
2. Apply it all over the face and massage
3. Wash it off after 20 minutes

2. Turmeric face pack

1. Take a spoon of turmeric
2. Add a spoon of olive oil
3. Massage gently and wash off after 10 minutes

3. Olive oil & lemon

1. Squeeze half a lemon in 2 spoons of olive oil
2. Massage gently and wash it after 15 minutes

4. Olive oil & yogurt

1. Mix 2 spoons of yogurt and 1 spoon olive oil.
2. Add a pinch of turmeric
3. Apply on face and leave it for 20 minutes
4. Wash it with warm water

5. Olive oil can be used As it is,

without any additives as a massage oil just before taking shower, for best results 10 minutes prior to taking bath, as it acts as an anticoagulant and frees the pores.

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