5 Night Time Skin Care Mistakes That Are Sabotaging Your Beauty Goals

Skin Care Mistakes

Our skin goes through a lot of exposure for the whole day. The dust, grime, pollutants, harmful chemicals cause a lot of damage to our skin. Add to that, our diet and other factors, the skin is always at the suffering end because of skincare mistakes.

Here are five night time skincare mistakes that are doing your skin more harm than good.
1. No removal of makeup
Wearing makeup causes skin damage is a flawed perception. But, non-removal of makeup, and sleeping with the makeup on is what actually damages the skin beyond repair. This is the first skin Care mistake that many women make, hence making the skin more susceptible to damage and aging.
2. Not hydrating enough 
Hydration is important not only for a healthier life but also for your skin. Dehydrated skin is also a skincare mistake more prone to open pores and acne, also accelerates the aging process. So drinking the right amount of water keeps the skin supple and helps fight dehydration.
3. Not Changing pillowcase
Though it might sound absurd, changing your pillowcase helps in maintaining the skin healthy. Not replacing it three days in a row can be harmful to your skin, as it is a house for all the germs, epithelium and grime from your face. Such a scenario gives rise to blemishes, thus causing skin great harm.
4. Not applying skincare products
Slight negligence on your part will damage your skin in the long run. Not applying skincare products before hitting the bed, invites all skin troubles. And thus, maintaining a skincare routine is a must.
5. Not tying your hair up, in case of acne
Your hair can be the oiliest thing to get in contact with your skin. And during the night, if you let your hair untied, it may further worsen the situation as oil may clog pores, thus making way for more acne. So, tie your hair in case you are susceptible to acne, before hitting the bed.


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