5 Effective Home Remedies To Treat Grey Hair In Kids


5 Effective Home Remedies to Treat Grey Hair In Kids

Grey hair is a problem that is worrying young and old the same around the world. Hair is another form of protein that grows from follicles that are present beneath the surface of the skin. The skin is modified to aid hair growth. Hair is important for looks as well and when the hair grey’s it spoils the look also. If this is in kids the condition is much worse. There are some home remedies to treat grey hair in kids.

Amla and Almond Oil, the combination of these will certainly help minimize grey hair. Massage and mixing of almond and amla oil after heating them slightly on to the scalp and leaving it overnight so that the next day it can be washed off. Doing this on a regular basis helps reduce the grey hair.


Pick a good amount of amla and boil its pieces in coconut oil. Later after it is cooled collect it in a bottle and massage it on the scalp. Massaging helps oils penetrate into the scalp. The amla can be soaked in water overnight if desired, for soaking makes it juicy and smooth. The water-soaked can be used to rinse the hair and wash, making the best use of the Amlas.

Cow Milk Butter:

Milk butter which is collected from cow’s milk acts as an excellent conditioner and also aids in reversing premature ejaculation. Doing this on a regular basis helps soften the hair, arrest hair greying and promote long hair.

Yogurt and Yeast:

Yogurt mixed with yeast forms an excellent product which, when consumed on a regular basis promotes hair growth and arrests immature greying of the hair.

Curry Leaves:

Curry leaves offer an effective solution to this. Deep fry curry leaves in oil. On deep frying, the curry leaves turn black, remove the leaves and apply the oil on the scalp. Massaging the scalp with oil so collected will help to darken off the hair and arresting hair greying.

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