5 Amazing Coffee Recipies

5 Coffee Based Cocktails Trending Now

Coffee Recipies – Most of us begin and end our day with mugs of heavy caffeine, including me. I choose to start my day with a latte smoothly than rush to make a deal worth million dollars. Coffee has us addicted and it is a fact. But, you cannot consume the same old coffee for days. So if you were not aware, you can drink coffee at a party too! Yes! The coffee-based cocktails are not worth missing if you’re a coffeeholic just like me.

Here are 5 trending Coffee based cocktails and their recipe you can try in this quarantine and surprise your friends later!

1) Cara Mia:


3-4 tbsp caramel, 1/2 cup tbsp Double espresso, 1/2 cup Milk/cream and 1/4 cup espresso( chilled).


•Add all the ingredients in a shaker and mix them thoroughly.

• Add few ice cubes and start shaking it again. Pour the mixture a huge glass and top this lip-smacking cocktail with nuts or cacao nibs.

2) Caffe Shakerato:


1 cup espresso, 1/2 cup chocolate syrup ( choice-based) and ice.


• Add all the ingredients in a shaker and shake until all of them are thoroughly mixed.

• Add any amount of desirable ice cubes and pour into a glass.

•Garnish the cocktail with nuts, choco chips, or cinnamon powder as per your wish.

3) Dublin Iced Coffee:


1/2 cup cold brew coffee, 1/3 cup Irish whiskey, 2- 3 tbsp simple syrup and 1/2 cup cream.


•Mix all the above-mentioned ingredients except cream in a high ball glass. Add desirable ice cubes and mix them well.

• Pour the cream on top of of the cocktail and garnish it with cinnamon powder.

Lo! Your coffee cocktail is ready!

4) The Famous Pour-Over Irish Coffee:


1 small sugar cube, 6 ounces of brewed coffee, 2 ounces of Irish whiskey and 1/2 whipped cream.


• Start by placing the sugar cube in the mug and then add coffee along with whiskey. Stir the ingredients well and add whipped cream on the top.

•Garnish it with nuts or bitters as per your wish and it’s done!

5) Mint Chip Mocha:


1.5 oz whiskey, 4 oz High Brew Dark chocolate mocha and Mint leaves.


• Add the whiskey and dark chocolate mocha in a glass. Stir the ingredients well and add a few ice cubes.

•Garnish it with mint leaves and enjoy!

Aren’t they easy? So what are you waiting for, go ahead and prepare these amazing coffee-based cocktails. Let us know if these worked well for you!

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