5 Best HIIT Workouts for Women

Workouts for Women

As you know that exercise is a very part of everyone’s life who performs it. Exercise is very important to all. All of the people should perform exercises and work-outs as it has many benefits and HIIT Workouts for Women is one of the best of it. It will not only make you strong and fit but also make your body healthy.

Now, exercises and work-outs are of different types according to the people who are performing the same and according to the benefits you want to gain from the work-out.

Exercise is very important for every part of the body. It makes every part of your body very strong and healthy. There are many types of exercises for different parts of the body.

Like for arms, legs and shoulders, and neck, etc.
HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. It is a very effective form of exercise. It is very good because it helps in reducing your weight and also helps you in burning your fats. It will provide you the benefits in a very short period.

There is no need to perform any exercise or workout for more than 15-20 minutes. A short workout is perfect to do. This HIIT is just for 15 minutes.

This exercise will not only lose your weight and burn your calories but will also help you in improving the health of your heart because this exercise does not include any type of tool or equipment.

Now, here are the best 5 HIIT exercises for women which you should perform:


In this HIIT exercise, you have to stand straight and after that just bend your feet in the upward direction and then put your leg on the floor. You do not have to change your position. Just stand straight and make your feet in the upward direction and then get back to the floor.

This is done by both of your legs separately. After that, you have to try to sit by bending your knees and do it very slowly. Come up out of the squat and twist your torso to the left, raising your left knee into the air 90 degrees. Squeeze your abs. Reverse the motion and repeat the squat, twisting to the opposite side.


You have to stand straight and after that just raise your arms in the upward direction by stretching them. Twist your torso to the left as you bring your left knee up and pull your arms down. In this way, you have to perform this exercise. You should try to take your hips as well as your ribs together.


As the name suggests, you have to stand straight and after that start punching in the air and put all your energy into doing that. Drop into the squat, punch your right arm straight out, and then shuffle to the right and punch with your left arm.


As the name suggests, it is also a kind of squat. You have to make your arms straight and try to touch your elbows to your knees. After doing that, you have to quickly stand straight not on your feet but your toes and also, make your arms straight in the upward direction.


You have to stand straight by making your legs open like equal to your shoulders. Draw your arms down while driving your right knee up and to the left, as if delivering a knee strike, and do the same in the opposite direction also.

So, these are the 5 best HIIT exercises for women and you should try them.

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