30 Types Of Bras Every Woman Should Know

30 Types Of Bras

30 Types Of Bras: A bra isn’t only a touch of inner-wear but is additionally responsible for how confidently you carry yourself publicly. The right quite bra not only is nice for the health of your breasts but also affects the way your dresses look on you.

The market has come up with a plethora of designs and options once you allow buying your perfect bra. Here we get for you a perfect guide to what the market possesses to supply to you.

  1. Push up Bra

Women’s Push-up Bras, also mentioned as Lift-up Bras, do exactly as their name suggests – they gently push your breasts upwards and move them approximately to supply you that enhanced cleavage. They are padded on the under-side of the cups with either silicone gel or foam to lift up the breast tissue, and are available in 3 different levels of a push-up – gentle, moderate, and explosive!

Although they’re best paired with low-cut tops or dresses, you’ll wear them to strengthen your curves even under high-neck outfits.

Whatever the size and shape of your breasts, a Push-up Bra is often comfortable and provides you oodles of confidence.

  1. Bandeau Bra

A Bandeau bra could also be an easy piece of cloth that wraps around the breasts. This bra may be a smaller amount of support and works well for people who have just begun to wear one.

It is good for Young Girls who have just hit puberty. You can wear it Beneath Nightwear, Casual wear reception, Strapless tube tops. It is Available in Cup size: 32-36(A, B, C, D).

  1. padded Bra

A padded bra is crafted with padded cups or has pockets to insert pads (also called cookies. It also adds volume to your breasts and provides them a rounder and fuller shape. They are available up in both underwired and non-wired styles. Underwired padded bras provide you with a light lift while non-padded ones are great for everyday wear.

  1. Convertible/ Multiway Bra

This style is the master of all bras. With the straps that can be detached, in this way multiway styling including one strap, two straps, cross-shoulder, halter, criss-cross, and even strapless can be styled. This one bra solves the aim of the many bras combined.

  1. Corset Bra

This bra is so designed in order that it shapes the upper a part of the body and makes it easier for the bride to suit in her bridal gown. This one is typically done to decrease volume and provides shape to the general upper a part of women.

Wear Beneath: Wedding Dresses, Tight Fitted Dresses

Available Cup size: All sizes

Available in Fabrics: Cotton, Satin, and Polyester

  1. T-shirt bra

These accompany molded protection, sometimes with an underwire, but not necessarily padded. They add rigidity, and counting on your bust size, provide a minimized look. It’s the underwire that gives complete coverage, and therefore the whole idea is to require you distant from the fear of a double boob or a begin. The experts always recommend knowledgeable bra fitting a minimum of once to avoid that.

  1. Sports Bra

We need to concentrate on the basics – straps, cups, and therefore the band. It must be snug and encompassing all around. However, it cannot suffocate your breasts or end in a uni-boob. A couple of things to recollect – run your finger along with the band between your breasts and make sure you are ready to pull about an in. from the chest – the front straps should be as less stretchy as possible for better motion control. And lastly, there’s no spillage of the breasts, which can imply that you simply need subsequent size. Choose a bra supported the activity – a coffee impact sports bra is suitable for yoga, hiking, or walking, and a high impact one is required for rigorous exercises like aerobics, running, Zumba, etc.

  1. Shelf Bra

First things first, these bras aren’t meant for each day. These fall into the lingerie category because unlike the regular bras these don’t offer you nipple coverage. They typically are available fabrics like tulle, lace, and satin that support the whole breast but are transparent near the breast. You get tons of variants in these, so go check them out and invest during a few them. After all, we all need some self-pampering too.

  1. Demi-Bra/ Balconette Bra

Demi describes the cup shape of the bra and maybe a low cut bra which only covers half your breast. The bra features a single vertical seam up each cup and has the tops of the cups cut straight across. It’s perfect for lower, scoop neck outfits which require you to point out some quite skin. It’s an honest choice if you would like to offer your breasts a lift without creasing or extravagant cleavage. A balconette is where the highest of the cups feature a horizontal cut. It’s a full coverage bra only sexier and therefore the cup is cut in such how that the highest half the breast is shown. It’s a standard confusion to combine the 2 as most manufacturers call a demi a balconette and therefore the other way around also.

  1. Bralette

A Bralette may be a non-padded bra without an underwire. It’s a cushty choice to wear but doesn’t offer much support compared to other bra types. It’s the most recent trend and has haunted the industry by storm. Bralette is available for all types of variations for various sorts of outfits. Plus, you don’t even get to worry about molding your Bralette under your clothes, most are made to be flaunted during a halter or a plunge dress, however, you select.

  1. Strapless Bra

Strapless bras support breasts with an underwire and with help from either silicone or rubber lining to stop slippage. Most even have molded cups to assist keep their shape.

A good strapless bra may be a must for each wardrobe. Strapless bras are perfect for wearing under dresses or tops with exposed shoulders. Strapless bras aren’t all alike, so definitely take it for test wear to work out whether you’ve found the proper type for you. Top things you’ll want to see for: the underwire doesn’t probe your chest; the band doesn’t slip; it properly supports your breasts; no spillage or gaping within the cups.

  1. Racerback Bra

Racerback bras have a central strap or two crisscrossing straps that form the form of a Y or V between the shoulder blades. This style is supposed to spice up support and distribute the load more evenly along your shoulders and back.

The way the straps sit on the shoulder is more discreet than standard bra styles, so racerback bras are great for wearing with cold-shoulder or sleeveless tops and dresses.

  1. Unlined Bra

Unlined bras do not have padding and can show your natural breast shape and nipples. Because they do not have extra fabric or padding, they’re smooth under clothing and are less bulky.

Unlined bras are often worn every day, it just depends on what’s right for you.

It is for all breast shapes and sizes.

14.Maternity Bra

Maternity bras (not to be confused with nursing bras, which are specifically made for breastfeeding) are a kind of bra designed to be worn during and after pregnancy. Women’s breasts grow while they’re pregnant so most, if not all, maternity bra styles accompany extra support with stretchy fabric. To accommodate fluctuating breast sizes, they even have adjustable straps and additional hook-and-eye clasps within the back.

Maternity bras are often worn whenever the time is true for you. Breast size starts changing within the trimester as your body starts producing milk.

All breast shapes and sizes; if you’re having a tough time finding a maternity bra you wish, widen your search by fitting other bras with equivalent features.

  1. Built-in Bra

Very popular lately, these are supportive bra cups that are stitched inside the tank tops or dresses. there’s no got to wear a further bra with these. It’s Good for women who hate wearing Bras!

it is often Wear Beneath Tank Tops, Bulky dresses, Loungewear

it is available in Cup size: All sizes(A, B, C, D)

16.Lace Bra

Lace is sensuous, and it just feels great to wear the material on your body, especially if it’s lingerie. you’ll never run out of options, but more often than not, they’re referred to as a flowery variant than the particular functionality. So, ask the sales associate within the store or ask knowledgeable if you’ve got questions on sporting these flawlessly unless you favor your nipples pointy. On the contrary, the lace fabric is employed as an add-on outermost layer in everyday intimates like padded ones, push-ups, etc.

  1. stick on bra

when you shopping and see some dresses, the primary question that happens to you is what bra you would like to wear. The shapes, bodice, and necklines are so fancy that nothing seems to be a match. That’s once you need a stick-on bra. These silicon pads are adhesive sticks to your body and are intact. It gives only enough nipple coverage, but it’s not like your regular bras.

  1. Long Line bra

Just as the name goes, longline bra extends till a touch above your belly button or over it counting on the brand. These are usually snug and intact from the beginning till the very end, thus suitable for a body-hugging, corset, evening wear dresses, etc. The straps are thick and offer support to any breast sizes except you would like to make certain of the size—If the bra is just too tight, it’s bulgy and protruding.

  1. sheer bra

sheer bras basically boast a touch little bit of your skin with the fabrics used. These are usually made with fancy materials like satin, tulle, lace or chantilly lace, etc with convoluted designs that are supportive yet fashionable.

  1. Bridal Bra

A bridal bra holds and shapes the upper a part of the body into the desired shape, thereby helping the bride to smartly fit into the marriage dress. Besides, it also renders great posture and is as light as a traditional brassiere. The bride can comfortably be at her best on her wedding day! this is often one among the kinds of bras where women spend maximum time to think about before picking the ultimate one. this sort of bra, although falls under the bridal category, must be picked counting on the marriage outfit. If the bride is wearing a backless bridal gown, then a strapless bridal bra would be a perfect pick.

  1. Adhesive Bra

This type of bra, because the name suggests, it adheres to the breasts. it’s strapless and features no bands of any sort, but at an equivalent time, it provides little support to the breasts. this type of inner wear is very intended for backless dresses or tops. These also work well with sheer dresses.

Again this sort of bra is further categorized into two sub-types; the disposable paper ones, which use a robust adhesive, and therefore the reusable ones, which use silicone that’s washable.

22.Belly Dance Bra

Many people believe that belly dance sort of bra is usually an equivalent as that of the dimensions of a traditional bra, but actually, it’s not. For e.g. if your size is 32C then you’ll also comfortably fit into a 34B size, with some minor adjustments.

  1. Cupless Bra

This kind of lingerie because the name suggests doesn’t feature cups and is quite comprised of only frames, thereby exposing nipples through modeled support cups. this is often a singular sort of bra which is usually worn within the western countries

24.Full support Bra

Staying faithful to the name, these provide you with maximum coverage. Available in several sorts of fabrics, these offer you full coverage especially to those having big or saggy breasts.

  1. Nursing Bra

While it’s an honest idea to possess different bra types in your lingerie drawer, it’s important to understand that when you’ve had a baby, you’ll be spending an honest amount of the day nursing your child. Designed to accommodate your pregnancy breasts, nursing bras offer many room and support, also as tending to your nursing needs. you would like a nursing bra that permits you to unfasten the cups from the highest to reveal the breast. New mums, don’t forget to take a position during a few of these bras to remain comfortable and free while nursing!

  1. Plunge Bra

This would be the simplest choice to wear under a low-cut top, as regular Bra would show the highest of the bra. A plunge bra has cups that are very low within the center with a deep V-neckline, a plunge bra plunges below the extent of the nipple within the center area where the cups meet. Plunge bra’s shallower cup depth and its natural lift cleavage in the most natural way.

27.Wireless Bra

 because the name suggests these Bras are without a wire it might be padded or non-padded, Wireless bras have a supportive contoured cup that provides you an ideal smooth shape.


This Bra is for Heavy busted Women who want to scale back the looks of an outsized bust under fitted dresses. These bras are engineered to visually reduce the projection by redistributing breast tissue to make the looks of a smaller bust. They also provide additional support and shaping.


Front Closure Bras open within the front with a clasp instead of within the back with hooks. These bras are super easy to place on and begin, it might be great for ladies with limited shoulder movements/flexibility. Since the clasp is ahead, this bra would boost the cleavage and good for low cuts.


Mastectomy bras are specifically designed for ladies who’ve undergone a mastectomy. they’re thoughtfully designed with discreet pockets inside the cup to carry silicone prosthesis in situ.

Hope this helps you to understand more about Bra styles and kinds available for you to make a decision which bra would accompany your choice of dress and occasion.

Today’s lingerie world you’ll see more fashionable extends of those styles like Long Line Bras, Cage Bras, etc. we propose you possess Black, Nude, and White color bras from any of the styles. So whichever dress you decide on you’re covered with Bra department!

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