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25 Medium Length Hairstyles to Try


Most of the women have medium length hair. They are called so when your hairs are too long to have a pixie cut or too short to compete with rapunzel. Medium length hair rules the world and such hair can be styled in hundreds of ways.

Many celebrities sport medium length hair with grace and dignity. Most of the celebrities are said to be considered as the epitome of elegance primarily based on how gracefully they carry themselves with some incredible hairstyle.

It is easy to style medium length hair as they are common and have several stylish accessories available widely.

Some of the amazing medium length hairstyles you should not miss out on are:


The messy bun is one of the most trending hairstyles of 2020. These are easy and look attractive. All you have to do is tie your hair together in a bun on the crown of your head. Then, you can pull out a few strands of hair gently from different parts of the bun in such a way that the bun looks messy. Try this now and let us know if you loved it,

2) The clean & sleek:

This hairstyle is one of the simplest and easiest hairstyles. You just need a straightener, hair spray, and argan oil. Straighten your hair and part them sideways. Now, tuck one side behind the ear and use a setting spray to make them firm.

Now add 2 tbsp of argan oil on your palm and brush the same through your hair. This sleek look is perfect if you are looking for something different and simple.

3) Beachy waves:

The beachy waves are one of the most popular hairstyles. It is simple and easy. All you need is some saltwater and curling wand. Now spray the saltwater and curl your hair on the curling wand for a few minutes. Now leave the same and let your hair adjust to the wavy look naturally.

4) Lower bun:

This is similar to the messy bun. The only difference is that the bun is created low and secured with bobby pins. Just tie your hair at the lower end of your head and create a bun.

Now gently pull out some strands so that it looks messier and there you go! The lower- messy bun!

5) Piecey waves:

This is another natural yet simple hairstyle for medium length hair. Just add spray some saltwater and scrunch up your hair to create natural waves. You can use a curling iron for such loose curls too.

6) Flipped out hair:

The flipped hair is trending again. This hairstyle was immensely popular in the 1980s. It is comparatively very simple and everything you need is a hair straightener.

Start with straightening your hair and smoothing it until an inch above the end. Then flip your hair out at the end with the straightener. This will give your hair a flipped out look that seems attractive.

7) Shiny loose curls:

One of the easiest ways to style your hair starts here. Begin by parting your hair sideways and curl your hair throughout the different sections. Now run your hand through your hair to give them a loose curl look.

8) Sleek low ponytail:

This hairstyle is best for special occasions and gatherings. Part your hair sideways and tie your hair in a low sleek ponytail.

Now, tease your hair and loosen it towards the crown of your head. This takes less than 5 minutes and will make you look attractive.

9) Meghan Markle bun:

Inspired by the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, this hairstyle is one of the most graceful hairstyles of all time. Begin with blow-drying your hair and then tie them in a lower bun.

Now remove a few strands of hair from each side and curl them slightly. This will give the curls a beachy loose curl look. Lo! You are ready.

10) High ponytail:

This look is usually sported by Kendall Jenner. It can be done within 10 minutes and helps in making your face look more attractive. Begin with blow-drying your hair and curling the ends with a curling wand.

Now tie your hair in a high ponytail and tease some of your hair strands on the crown of your head.

11) Full curls:

If you want to go for something different, you can go for the full curls hairstyle. This helps in managing your hair in an easier way.

The full curls are a trend and will give you a younger and elegant look.

12) Sleek hair:

The sleek hairstyle is different and perfect if you are searching for some hairstyles that are easier to sport. Begin with applying the serum to your hair and head to your straightener.

Straighten your hair and just bend the tip towards the outside. This will give your hair a perfect sleek hairstyle.

13) Half up-do:

This hairstyle is widely popular and is sported by many celebrities. This requires you to separate the front section and tie the rest of your hair. Now twist the front section and make a small messy bun at the crown of your head.

Secure it with bobby pins and hair spray. Now leave the rest of your hair and lo! You are ready.

14) Wispy updo:

This hairstyle is very similar to the half updo. The difference here is you tie up all your hair at the back in a messy bun and leave off the front section.

Curl up the front section of your hair with a curling wand. This is one amazing hairstyle suitable for all occasions.

15) Soft braid:

The soft braid hairstyle is just perfect for medium length hair. Leave off the front section of your hair and tie the rest of your hair in a loose braid.

Adorn the braid with a bow as an accessory and curl the front section such that the curls are loose yet wavy. Now middle parts the curls and leave them as it is.

16) Slicked back:

The slicked-back look became popular when Bella Hadid sported the same with elegance. This wet hair look then went onto become a trend.

To attain this look, part your wet hair sideways and brush them back completely. This will make you look different and gorgeous.

17) Barrel curls:

Mostly adorned by Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, the barrel curls are simply perfect for all kinds of formal occasions.

Just curl the ends of your hair with a curling iron such that they take a shape of a barrel but of curls.

Some of the other hairstyles you must try are:
  • Peicey bangs
  • Sophisticated bob
  • Natural lob
  • Voluminous curls
  • Baby bouffant
  • Half down waves
  • Wavy lob
  • Long bangs-low ponytail
  • Casual blowout

Let us know which of these you feel were the best ones!

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