21 Powerful Reasons to Eat Bananas Daily


Mango might be the king of fruits but there’s nothing that beats bananas when it comes to health benefits of Eating Bananas Daily.

Mango rules the hearts and bananas can dictate all the functions of your body. Moreover, there is a reason why monkeys love Bananas Daily and humans have evolved through them .

So if you need some powerful reasons to include bananas in your regular diet, then keep reading. Here I present to you 15 reasons why bananas deserve your attention:

1) Depression:

Yes! You heard it right bananas help you get rid of depression and improve your overall mental health. Although, you won’t find an instant change yes including a banana in your breakfast will help improve your mental health. it has high levels of tryptophan that will be converted into serotonin, the hormone that is responsible to make you happy.

2) Muscle cramps:

It is recommended by experts that if you miss your daily breakfast before going to the gym, just grab bananas! They will provide your body with the needed energy and even prevent any kind of muscle cramps.

3) Anaemia:

People who suffer from anaemia are recommended to be loaded on fruits especially bananas to enhance the production of blood cells.

4) Mood swings:

In case you are experiencing severe mood swings or in other words PMS-ing, then banana is the perfect fruit you must rely on. It will improve your mood and even get rid of cramps. It also helps in relieving your stress.

5) Bones:

Bananas are rich in calcium and other minerals. Calcium is the primary mineral that will strengthen your bones. Therefore, banana is good for your bones too!

6) Diabetes:

Surprised? It is proven facts that bananas can help in protecting you from type 2 diabetes. The sugar content is not harmful to you and will not have a harmful effect on your blood sugar levels.

7) Immune system:

Bananas also help in strengthening your nervous system and immune system. It helps in increasing the production of white blood cells due to its high vitamin B6 content, thereby boosting your immunity.

8) Blood pressure:

Apart from protecting you from type 2 diabetes, bananas also help in controlling your blood pressure as it has high levels of potassium. This will protect you from heart attacks and strokes.

9) Detoxify:

Bananas have high levels of pectin that helps in removing toxins from your body. Therefore, banana acts as an exceptional detoxifying agent.

10) Digestion:

Digestion is facilitated by good bacteria that are also called as gut bacteria. Banana acts as a probiotic and enhances the activity of bacteria. This leads to easy digestion.

11) Stomach ulcers:

Bananas also help in treating stomach ulcers as they present a thick coating that acts against the acids of the stomach.

12) Constipation:

Bananas help in a better bowel moment relieving you of constipation. It also helps in treating diarrhoea and heartburns.

13) Antioxidants:

Bananas act as exceptional antioxidants. These antioxidants will prevent cell damage and protect you from other neurological diseases like Alzheimers.

14) Brain function:

Apart from all this, a banana can strengthen the nervous system and enhances the production of hormones like serotonin. Both of these help in improving overall brain function.

15) Cancer:

Banana acts as anti-cancer agents and prevents cancers of kidney, liver and stomach.

Apart from these, bananas also help in relieving itching, reduce nausea, get rid of morning sickness, stabilize blood sugar and improves concentration.

So what are waiting for? Go grab a banana and improve your overall physical health.

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