19 High Bun Hairstyle that Will Keep You Cool in the Summer

high bun hairstyles

Since summer has arrived, you do not want your hair to add on to the sweat woes. If you are looking for hairstyle that can make your cool during this summer, then go for bun hairstyle. Are you getting a bit confused? If you are thinking that we are suggesting you carry one high hair bun style for all summer, read on below.

Check out stated below 19 high bun hairstyle that will keep you cool in the summer.

1 Easy Bun Hairstyle for Girls

If you want to keep your cool in this scorching heat, you need to go with simple and easy-to-do bun hairstyles. It is certainly a great style for contemporary girls looking for a cool appearance this summer.

2 – Half-up Hairstyles

Another great hairstyle idea is to make half-up bun hairstyle. It is surely a great choice for modern women.

3 – Quick bun Hairstyle

Whether you are a working mom or a college-going girl, you would surely like to choose a bun hairstyle that can give you great freedom. Try quick bun hairstyle that will keep you cook during this summer.

4 – Braid Bun Hairstyle for College Girls

Braid your hair and then tie it as a bun. It will make you look more ethnic yet chic. It is non-messy and stays intact throughout the day.

5 – Go with Classic Bun Style

When it comes to choosing the best bun hairstyle this summer, you cannot ignore the classic bun styles. So, go with it and rule the world.

6 – Modern School Bun Hairstyle

This hairstyle gives a messy yet classy look. The hair is looped around a secured pony tail to give the look of a bun. Some strands of hair around the temple area and forehead area let loose to give a cute look.

7 – Creative Bun Hairstyle

Creative bun hair styles means styling your hair into various shapes yet set in a bun. The bun can take the shape of a rose as well.

8 – Simple Bun Hairstyle for Stay at Home Moms

Taking care of a house is no easy task and even the top most managers cannot handle the chaos. So for the most productive manager of the world, the mom, a bun that is easy to work with yet stylish will work well.

9 – Bun Style with Hair Accessories

If you want to give extra charm to your bun, you need to use hair accessories like clips, bun net or decorative hair pins to up the style game.

10 – Bun Hairstyle for Small Hair

If you are a woman with short hair, you still can carry a bun hairstyle. Just pull the hair back and secure them with a rubber band and pins. Then use a bun clip and roll the hair from its tips working upwards and secure the clip.

11 – Long Hair Bun Style

There are various bun hairstyles for long hair. You can actually try various types of bun and play around.

12 – Bun Hairstyle for Curly Hair

If you want to make your curly hair look great, you should try bun hairstyle for curly hair. Bun hair styles calm down the curls and give you a beach look.

13 – Bun Style for Straight Hair

There are many styles for straight hair and the bun styles are great too. Straight hair are easier to work with when tying a bun and give a composed and sorted out look.

14 – Bun Hairstyle for Thicker Hair

Thicker hair could be an ideal choice when it comes to creating bun hairstyle. A bun with thicker hair not only appears high but also looks appealing and well maintained.

15 – Bun Hairstyle for Hair Wig

If you do not wear to wear your wig loose today. No problem. Give your wig the bun look and do not worry about people actually noticing that you are using a wig. Bun hairstyle is a great way to camouflage the wig.

16 – Double Bun

Yes, this type of bun hairstyle is meant for women who want a distinct bun. Double bun means two buns that appear to give a layered look.

17 – Bun Hairstyle with Pony Tail

This type of bun hairstyle is meant for girls who love pop culture.

18 – Sticky Bun

This is the best bun hairstyle for working women.

19 – Use Your Own Creativity

If you have something in your mind, you can try the same to create amazing bun hairstyle that can keep you cool this summer.

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