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17 Kettlebell Exercises For Total Body Toning

Kettlebell Exercises

As you know that exercise is a very part of everyone’s life who performs it. Exercise is very important to all. All of the people should perform kettlebell exercises and work-outs as it has many benefits. It will not only make you strong and fit but also make your body healthy.

Now, exercises and work-outs are of different types according to the people who are performing the same and according to the benefits you want to gain from the work-out.

Most of you have heard about the word kettlebell. Kettlebell is basically a type of equipment which is used by the people who perform work-outs. It is a type of equipment which provides terrific full body work-out. The people who are exercising or just want to start it should definitely try this one also.

Here are the 17 kettlebell exercises for total body toning:

1. KETTLEBELL SWING: It is a type of kettlebell exercise that will help you in toning your entire body. You have to hold the kettlebell with both of your hands between your legs and then Inhale into a squat position and powerfully press your weight into your heels while swinging the weight up to eye level. This is the method to perform this exercise. You can repeat this exercise 15 times.

2. FIGURE 8: As the name suggests, there is a role of 8 in this exercise. This exercise will directly provide benefit to your arms and core. It is a type of core strengthening exercise. You have to bend your legs and then weave the kettlebell between your legs in the shape of 8 by switching hands with the kettlebell. You can do the same thing on both sides 8 times.

3. KETTLEBELL FRONT SQUATS: It is also a type of kettlebell exercise that is very helpful for total body toning. As the name suggests, it is done or performed as same as the regular squats but the change is that it is performed with the help of the kettlebell. You can do this 15 times.

4. KETTLEBELL OVERHEAD PRESS: In this kettlebell exercise, you have to hold a kettlebell with one hand at shoulder height and when you are exhaling, you have to press that kettlebell while making your arms straight. You can also perform this in 15 minutes with each of your hands.

5. PLIE SQUAT: In this exercise, you have to widen up your feet as much as you can and after that hold the kettlebell with your hands and then put that kettlebell in between your legs. It is called the plie squat. Do this 15 times.

6. WINDMILLS: Just widen up your leg as much as you can and after that raise the kettlebell up over your shoulder with a straight area and by keeping your arm straight and back flat, lower the kettlebell towards your opposite foot. It is a kettlebell exercise like a windmill. You should perform this exercise also 15 times.

7. SINGLE LEG DEADLIFT: This exercise is one of the best kettlebell exercises. Hold the kettlebell in one hand, down in front of your body. Inhale and bring all of your weight onto your opposite leg, leaning forward with a straight back. Inhale to come back to a standing position. In this way, this exercise will be performed. You should definitely try to perform this kettlebell exercise.

8. CURL+PRESS: In this exercise, you just have to hold your kettlebell in one hand down by your hip with your palm facing the side of your body and while you are exhaling, you should curl your arm up towards your shoulder then press your kettlebell straight overhead. It is a mixture of curl and press.

9. RUSSIAN TWIST: This exercise is performed by sitting on the floor or ground. You have to hold your kettlebell with both hands down by one hip and by keeping your back straight and abs tight as you twist the kettlebell over to the other side. Do this 15 times.

10. ONE ARM KETTLEBELL LUNGE: This exercise is very beneficial for total body toning. You should definitely try this exercise. Just hold your kettlebell overhead with one hand. Keeping your arm straight, lower down into a lunge with your opposite leg leading. This is the way to perform this exercise but if you are a beginner then you can try this 10-15 times without switching sides.

11. UNEVEN PUSH UP: As the name suggests, it is a type of push up exercise. In this exercise, you have to try the push-up by holding the kettlebell in one of your hands as this exercise includes the use of the kettlebell.

12. HALF GET-UP: This exercise is performed by lying on the floor or ground. You just have to lie on the floor with your legs flat and your kettlebell pressed overhead with one hand. Exhale as you roll your body up to a seated position. And the same is to be performed with the help of the opposite knee and hand.

13. BENT ROW: In this kettlebell exercise, you have to bend your knees in the way that your shoulders point towards the floor or ground. Just hold a kettlebell in one hand with a bent elbow and your upper arm in line with your torso. Row your arm back, raising your elbow up and tightening your back muscles.

14. AROUND THE WORLD: This kettlebell exercise has a very much different name. In this exercise, you have to stand straight by making your shoulders straight. You just have to hold your kettlebell in one hand in front of your hips and then Move that kettlebell behind your body to send or pass it to your other hand and then you have to do the same by rotating it.

15. RENEGADE ROW: You should start this exercise by doing 5 times in a moment. In this exercise, you have to start in a plank position with one kettlebell under one hand. Exhale and row that arm up, pulling the weight with you and squeezing your shoulder blade muscles together.

16. LUNGE+PRESS: In this exercise, you have to step your right foot forward and lower down into a lunge. As you press back up to a standing position, press your right arm overhead with a kettlebell in hand. You can repeat this 10-15 times in a moment.

17. TOE TOUCH: As the name suggests, in this kettlebell exercise you have to lie on the ground by making your legs very straight and then hold the kettlebell overhead and then when you exhale, lift your upper body up and reach your kettlebell towards your toes. Inhale as you lower your shoulder blades down to the ground.

So, you should definitely perform these exercises which include the use of a kettle bell in order to tone the total body.

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