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15 Weight Loss Hacks for Girls who Love Food

Weight Loss

If you are someone like me, who prefers eating different types of food items with the onset of diverse moods, have an array of cravings, eats out of boredom, and then struggles with weight issues? Then the following 15 weight-loss hacks are just for you.

It is okay to try different types of food, have hundreds of favorite recipes, eat what you love when you are feeling low and basically be in love with the entire idea of food. However, there is a disadvantage of being a food-holic, you gain weight and might have a lot of health issues regarding the same in the future.

So how do you stay healthy as well as not compromise on your favorite food? No worries, we got your back!

Here are 15 amazing weight loss hacks for girls who love food:

1) Chew well:

Yes! You heard that right; studies did show that people who don’t chew well are more likely to gain weight. Research also suggests that one has to chew each morsel at least 33 times before swallowing for a healthier body and good digestion. So next time you are having your favorite food, make sure you chew well.

2) Drink a glass of water before each meal:

Many studies suggest that people who drink a glass of water before each diet tend to eat less, therefore, leading to less calorie intake. A glass of water 10 minutes before each meal will reduce your appetite.

3) Use your non-dominant hand to eat:

This might sound strange but there is a study that shows eating with your non-dominant hand can lead to less calorie intake. Try eating with your non-dominant hand and see the difference for yourself.

4) Wear fitted Pjs at night:

Have you ever noticed that the more comfortable you are, the more you tend to eat? Wear fitted Pjs next time so you don’t eat more than needed.

5) Go for dry fruits for snacks:

Random cravings are common and what you eat during these cravings influences your weight. Try going for berries, watermelon, or dry fruits when you are craving something good instead of a full-fledged meal.

6) Add apple cider vinegar to your diet:

Many studies show that apple cider vinegar can burn fat and reduce fat storage. Add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink it every morning, 30 minutes before breakfast.

7) Honey-lime water:

Honey and lemon are amazing for weight loss. So if you are looking for an easier way to lose weight then go for the honey-lime drink. Drink the same every morning before your breakfast and see the change for yourself.

8) Add cinnamon powder:

If you want to lose weigh in some of the simplest ways, then add cinnamon powder in your food. Include cinnamon in your daily diet as it not only aids in weight loss but also lowers blood sugar levels and controls blood pressure.

9) Peppermint tea at night:

Peppermint tea is amazing to feel rejuvenated and curb cravings. Drink peppermint tea at night just before you go to sleep. Peppermint tea will improve your digestion, curb cravings and make you feel refreshed.

10) Eat on a smaller plate:

This is one of the classic weight-loss hacks. Eat what you love but eat it in smaller plates. Eating on a smaller plate will help you eat less and reduce your calorie intake.

11) Don’t buy in bulk;

When you go shopping and step into the snacks section, make sure you don’t buy the snacks in bulk. Buy less and you will eat less. Don’t stack up against your cupboards with snacks and chocolates.

12) Hide the snacks:

This might sound strange, but this is a weight-loss hack! If it is out of sight, then it is out of mind. Hide the snacks for some time, this will eventually make you forget about the snack and therefore, you will not eat it on a regular basis.

13) Drink more water:

When you are bored and feel like eating something, then instead of eating drink two glasses of water. This will help in keeping you full for longer periods of time and reduce your appetite.

14) Yoga:

Yoga leads to weight loss and reduces stress levels to a lot of extents. Practicing yoga for 20 minutes on a daily basis can really have a positive change in your life and overall physical health.

15) Add veggies to your meals:

Add veggies to your meals instead of cheese or butter. This will help you in reducing your appetite and lead to healthier diet habits.

Seems easy, doesn’t it? Try these and let us know if these weight loss hacks worked miracles.

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