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15 Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Those Love Handles


What are Love Handles?

Love handle is primarily an informal term used for the sides of deposits of excess fat on your waistline and body. These are areas of the skin that protrude outward due to fat retention. This happens due to excess fat deposits, i.e when you eat a lot of carbs but do not work equally. The carbs will not be converted into energy and leading to fat retention. Love handles indicate fat accumulation. we need to Get Rid Of Those Love Handles or else we will have many health problems

How can you get rid of these love handles?

1) Eat Fewer Carbs :

It is important to reduce your carbohydrate intake and let the fat which accumulated burn to produce energy. You need to follow a calorie deficit diet and count how many calories you take in a day. Eating fewer carbs will balance your diet.

2) More Fiber :

As you reduce your carbohydrate intake you should focus on increasing your fiber intake. Fiber-rich foods include beans, nuts, legumes, vegetables, and fruits. Having fiber in your diet will enable you to feel full for longer periods of time which in turn will help you in eating fewer carbohydrates.

3) More Protein :

Including proteins in your diet is important. By having them in your diet you make sure that you don’t lose muscle mass. Proteins are important when you’re trying to lose stubborn fat. They form firm muscle mass and make you feel full for longer periods.

4) Less Sugar :

Food items that are loaded with sugar have to be completely avoided if you want to get rid of some love handles. Sugary foods are not only the unhealthiest food items to consume but also messes up with your healthy eating habits. Sugars provide unnecessary carbs which only lead to more fat retention. If you’re addicted to sweets, try a 15-30 day no ‘sugary foods challenge’ and see how your body attains the best shape.

5) Sleep Well :

Your sleeping routine plays an important role in defining your physical health. Sleeping well is important to keep your body fit, prevent various heart diseases and promote the healthy functioning of several organs. Not having a good sleeping pattern has a high influence on your mood, appetite, cravings, and nutrition.

6) Low Carb Food :

You should start eating fruits and vegetables which have comparatively fewer carbs when compared to junk and the digestion of these food items is a slow process. As a result, you feel full for a long time.

7) Swimming/ Running :

Swimming or running for an hour can burn all your stubborn belly fat within weeks It will help you in shedding those love handles in an efficient way. Doing cardio exercises every day is the best way to lose love handles.

8) Yoga :

Yoga is more of a mixture of exercise and mediation. It is the best way to stay fit. Doing yoga for an hour every day can help you lose even the most stubborn fat. Yoga will not only improve your health but also nourish your mental health. It soothes your soul and will brushes away all the stress.

9) Body Workout :

Body workouts like Bicycle Crunches, Push-Ups, and Plank exercises prevent retention on your waist. It helps in shedding the stubborn fat on your hips and thighs. Russian twists and Mountain Climber are other exercises which will aid in losing fat in an effective way

10) Stress Less :

Stressing often has a negative impact on your health. Stressing a lot can cause hormonal imbalance which will eventually lead to an increase in the production of ‘cortisol’ as a response to a stressful situation. The higher level of this hormone causes anxiety, headaches, reproductive issues, digestive issues and weight gain. Practicing Yoga and meditation usually hells in reducing the levels of cortisol.

11) Drinking More Water :

Drinking enough water is an essential part of your health. Keep yourself hydrated and drink water instead of loading on carbohydrates or sweetened beverages. Drinking a lot of water will also keep your skin healthy and make you feel full for a period of time.

12) Avoid Alcohol :

Excessive intake of alcohol is linked to obesity and excess fat retention. Alcohol is said to have a lot of influence on your appetite. Alcohol encourages you to eat more carbohydrates and make you feel hungry often.

13) The 250 Rule :

The ‘250’ rule is a formula that involves cutting out 250 calories from your daily diet and burning an extra 250 calories every day. This diet is proved to be highly beneficial. It is a widely practiced formula to get rid of love handles.


Including 2 tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar in your diet before breakfast helps you lose weight in an effective way. Apple cider vinegar has acetic acid which enhances the production of fat-burning proteins. These proteins help you lose weight faster. Therefore, apple cider vinegar aids in losing love handles along with a whole body workout.


Green tea is a popular way of losing fat. it helps in boosting your metabolism and targets the areas of fat retention. It enables the burning of fat faster even at a resting phase. Therefore, an effective and simpler way to lose those love handles is just to drink away!

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