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15 Must-Know Cosmetic Hacks

Cosmetic Hacks

Every girl wants to look gorgeous and turn heads. Isn’t it? All of us desire a beautiful and smoother makeup finish. Being able to apply makeup and choosing the perfect cosmetic products is an exceptional skill in 2020. Cosmetic hacks are just a few bonus tips that help you do your makeup amazingly.

There are several brands and numerous cosmetic products that are available in the market. It is a difficult task to find the perfect product for your skin. Choosing a cosmetic product depends on your skin type, appearance, and even if you are allergic to some ingredients.

Doing makeup is a skill that requires a lot of practice, knowledge, and patience.

However, here are 15 cosmetic hacks you must know:

1) Test your product on your neck:

It is always best to go for testing your products on your hand and then on your neck before applying them directly. Apply some foundation and concealer on your hands and neck to match your skin tone. This also helps in determining if the product can have any kind of allergic reaction on your skin. It is better to test your cosmetic products before applying them directly.

2) Contour your lips:

If you want your lips to look fuller and attractive, you can contour your lips. Outlining your lips with a lip liner to contour your lips will make them look fuller. You can apply lipstick after the contour and you are done!

3) Dab your lips with fingertips:

Dab your lips with your fingertip after you apply the lipstick to make them look better. Just dab your fingertip slightly such that the lipstick looks more realistic on your lips. You can just dab your lips with a pinch of powder. This will allow your lipstick to stay for a longer time.

4) The setting spray:

The setting spray is one of the most important products in your everyday make up routine. The setting spray allows your make up to last longer and prevents it from getting smeared. Make sure you invest in an amazing setting spray along with those cosmetic products.

5) Bronzer instead of a contour:

You can go for a bronzer when you do not have time to contour. Just apply bronzer on your face in ‘3’ shape and blend it well. The bronzer should begin from your forehead to your cheekbone/jawline running across your temple to give a smoother finish.

6) Colour correcting concealers:

We all make mistakes while doing makeup! Don’t we? But you can now correct your mistakes without having to remove your entire make up. Just begin investing in color correcting concealers! They work wonders when it comes to giving your make up a perfect finish.

7) Clean your blenders and brushes with facewash:

Cleaning your blenders and brushes often plays an important role in maintaining your skin health. You can wash your brushes and blenders with your daily face wash. Just soak them in a bowl and add 2 -3 tbsp of your regular facewash. Let them soak for a while and rinse.

8) Go one shade lighter for your eyebrows:

To make your eyebrows look fuller, go for a shade lighter than your original eyebrow color to make them look fuller and natural. This will make your eyebrows look more realistic and beautiful.

9) Concealer instead of eye shadow primer:

No worries if you do not have an eye shadow primer. Just use a concealer instead! After applying the concealer, you can proceed with your eye makeup. Concealer works very similarly to your eye shadow primer.

10) Line your waterline:

If you want to make your eyes look bigger and attractive, don’t forget to line your waterline with a nude liner. This will make your eyes appear big and beautiful in a natural way.

11) BB cream with highlighter:

If you want your makeup to look more natural and simple, mix the BB cream with a highlighter. Apply the same on your face and lo! Your makeup looks more realistic and attractive.

12) Moisturizer and illuminator:

If you wish to go for a natural and ‘no makeup look’, mix your regular moisturizer with a pinch of illuminator to make your face looks fresh. This will make your skin appear rejuvenated and flawless without any heavy makeup.

13) Use coconut oil or Vaseline to remove make up:

If you have a hard time removing make up, use coconut oil or vaseline to remove makeup within a few minutes. Coconut oil removes the makeup in an effective way and even wipes out any kind of dirt along with bacteria.

14) Highlighter on your lips:

If you want to make your lips look different and attractive, you can apply a pinch of highlighter on your lips. This will give your lips an attractive and diverse look.

15) Teabag/Ice:

To get rid of the puffiness and give your skin a fresh look, place a cold compress or a cold tea bag on your skin before applying makeup. This will help in getting rid of puffiness effectively and makes your skin feel rejuvenated

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