15 Infographics Reveal The Interesting Stories Behind Some Of Our Favourite Fast Food Chains


Ever wondered where all these super loved fast food chains that we all frequent, began? You know the ones I am talking about, all those Infographics fast food chains where we get all our cheat day meals from.

These are world’s most popular fast food chains that started off small but have come a long way (you can see that from the mad queues at the counters, all bat shit hungry for a bite of Nando’s Peri Peri Chicken, or Subway’s Sub-of-the-Day.)

So here are some really cool and insightful infographics that you can nibble on, and feel wiser when you are ordering at one of these places the next time.

Maybe the next time you go in one of these places, you can ask the server “Hey, do you know that the place you are working at actually began way back in 1953?”.

No, don’t do that. Seriously, no one likes that guy. That guy sucks.

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