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15 Beauty Tips For An Interview

15 Beauty Tips For An Interview

Going for an interview for the first time and confused about your dress or makeup?Here are 20 Beauty Tips you should keep in mind and do before going in for an interview:

List of Beauty Tips:

1) Avoid Being Clumsy:

Do not go for heavy makeup look or a clumsy dress that may be hard to handle or get away with. It might be a huge distraction for both interviewer and interviewee. Go for, what suits you according to the weather, keeping in mind the venue.

2) Do not Go for a Dark Makeup Look:

Avoid wearing dark lipsticks or a heavier dark make up as it might not give you the expected result of a first impression. Avoid going in for darker shades on your skin and avoid highlights.

3) Go For a Simple Makeup Look:

Use a nude shade lipstick or a lighter shade that suits your skin tone and texture. Go for a simple look for the first day.

4) Match the Foundation with Your Skintone:

One of the most common mistakes we do is we fail to notice that the foundation might not always match our skin tone. Sometimes, this will give your face and neck a completely different tone and color that proves to be highly unattractive.

5) Skip The false Eyelashes:

Avoid wearing false eyelashes on the first day itself. As mentioned earlier, go for a simple and natural look.

6) Lip Gloss instead of Lipstick:

It is better recommended to go for a lip gloss than a lipstick. This will give your lips an attractive yet amazing texture.

7) Avoid wearing darker colors:

It is completely your choice to go with the dress- the colour you like but make sure you don’t go for very darker colors. This will most probably not leave an initial good impression.

8) Avoid the Clumsy Mascara:

Avoid the mascara especially if it gives your eyes a clumsy look along with the eyeliner.

9) Chose one:

Either go for amazing mascara with slightly outlined eyes by kajal or go with the eyeliner without mascara. This will give your eyes an attractive look and make them look better considering the first impression phenomenon.

10) Define your Eyes well:

Define your eyes with mascara and a kajal and in rare cases, eyeliner is advised. You can either go for a liner+kajal look or a mascara +liner look as it makes your eyes look more attractive and well-defined.

11) Nude Shades:

I’m sure no one wants to see you for the first time as though you’re going to a fashion show. So go for nude eye shades or a light blush. Cover your eyes with nude shades that match your skin tone.

12) Hair:

If you have long hair, it is recommended that you tie it up that just leave it as it is. Leaving your long hair as it is will distract you as well as the interviewer. Use a hair spray and lock your hair before finalizing your look.

13) Dark Circles:

If you are worried about your dark circles and wondering how to hide them? No worries! Just dab your dark circles with a little tinted moisturizer or a liquid foundation to cover them in a classy way.

14) Nails:

Bitten or chipped nails are one of the most unattractive things in a person. It is advised to get a professional manicure and apply a moisturizer or a cuticle oil before you leave for the interview.

15) Scent:

Go for a fresh smelling perfume than a strong one. Don’t choose the one that has a strong smell instead go for a perfume that has a touch of floral scent in it. Apply the perfume an hour before the interview so it has a faint smell.

Bonus tips :

16) Have your Beauty Sleep:

It is important to sleep before your D-Day. Have your beauty sleep and take rest for at least 8 hours to look fresh for the interview the next day. A night of good

sleep will make you feel rejuvenated and fresh.

17) Don’t Stress:

The nervousness will be defined on your face. Know it is okay to be nervous and be as honest as you can. Practice yoga for a few minutes before you get ready for the interview so that your mind relaxes and feels fresh.

I hope this article proved to be helpful for you and also helped you crack that interview!

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