10 Companies That Have Superb Working Rules For Employees! Lucky Are The Ones Working Here!


It is no surprise that we all hate our corporate jobs at some point or the other, while sometimes your boss threatens to fire you when traffic got you late, at other times, you have to sit in the office till 7 even when you have no work. Not to forget the fuel bills you have to pay to reach that absurdly far-off industrial location your office is located at. What if I told you there are several companies in India, not just with amazing employee benefits and work hours, but are leading the corporate race too?

Have a look at the list of Working Rules.

1. Philips (Gurgaon branch): No Parking? Work From Home

If the employees working for Philips don’t get parking, they can go back and work from home. Their logic is simple but highly effective that follows the idea that logging in from home will be more productive and quicker than finding parking.


2. SAP Labs: Freedom to come and leave at any time

Bengaluru-based SAP Labs has no strict timing as to when their employees come and go. The employees themselves decide their work hours and can leave when their work is done. The logic is simple, it’s the productivity that matters not the timings. So if you can finish the given work in 4 hours instead of 6, you are free to leave. SAP even allows its employees to work from home once a week, a trend that can go for a longer period if approved by their reporting managers.


3. Future Group: You can never get fired because of the Traffic

Future Group, a Mumbai-based retail company, is extremely understanding of the “traffic struggles” faced by its employees as they travel to Vikhroli. So they let the workers dictate their own work hours, giving them a relief from the traffic. Future Group allows its people to come to the office in between 8.30 am and 10.30 am and they can leave after eight hours of working.


4. PricewaterhouseCoopers India: An Employee’s best friend

PricewaterhouseCoopers India, the global consultancy firm is always aware of its employees, their struggles and transportation ease whenever they open a new branch. In the case of its third office in Mumbai, it decided upon the city’s commercial area of Goregaon. Now as they have decided to open a new branch in the National Capital region, the company is looking out for a suitable location in Noida. The logic being that its employees should be able to maintain a work-life balance as the productivity increases when its workers are happy and at ease.


5. Coca Cola: Work Early and Leave Early

The local offices of Coca-Cola and Sapient Corporation have introduced “flexi” work hours that allows its employees to avoid heavy traffic hours. To facilitate this, the companies start 30 minutes early at 8:30 am and let their employees leave by 5:15 pm so that the workers can avoid the peak traffic hours.


6. KPMG India: Work without being in office

KPMG India has an interesting working policy, that allows its workers to “work from anywhere”, be it the location of a client or home. The only condition being that the given task is completed effectively and is subjected to monitoring by its managers. The goal is to maximize productivity, performance and timelines by freeing its employees of unavoidable daily restrictions.


7. Microsoft: Company Owned Transportation System

The Hyderabad branch of Microsoft has several company-owned buses and cabs that facilitate station to station pick up and drop off employees within the campus. This facility is a great benefit for the female employees as the cab drivers are monitored by company surveillance.


8. Infosys: Environment friendly Transport services

Infosys, the tech giant, is promoting eco-friendly and cost-effective transportation by promoting the use of public transportation such as buses, cabs and cycles for more than 1.79 lakh employees. In Pune, a very interesting campaign was launched by Infosys called “Ab Bus Karo,” to encourage its employees to take company buses to its development center. While in Bengaluru, the company is encouraging employees to travel by cycle to the office.


9. American Express South Asia: Care for environment with a car-free Tuesday

AmEx South Asia which has its offices on Golf Course Road and Cyber City attempts to promote use of public transport and reduce pollution. With an effort to make an environment-friendly work culture, it keeps the second day of the week as Car-free Tuesdays. This in turn also reduces the traffic rush.


10. Bacardi and other Gurgaon firms: Work from home

Bacardi, Ericsson, Samsung and Amway, which have their headquarters in Gurgaon, have devised several ways like promoting use of public transport, flexible timings and encouraging people to work from home. The traffic being a big problem in Gurgaon is thus defeated by such means.

These companies are the new face of the environment-friendly corporate culture that is making a change in small ways. Not only are their employees happier but more productive as well as the focus is on efficiency and making the best of the limitations.

Do you know of any other companies that give such amazing work hours? Drop us your feedback in the comments below!!


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