10 Symptoms of Temporal Arteritis

10 Symptoms of Temporal Arteritis

The medical condition which leads to inflammation in the cells that line the arteries is called Temporal Arteritis and is also known as Giant Cell Arteritis. This condition is generally found in the arteries of the head and more specifically in the arteries located in the temples.

Symptoms of this disease vary depending on the arteries which are affected and also the areas where these arteries are located. Since generally, this disease occurs in the head, symptoms are also mostly found in the head region but may affect the entire body also. Once detected – a visit to the doctor is a must and once the treatment begins regular follow-ups are also a must to prevent a relapse.

The most common symptoms of Temporal Arteritis are as follows:

Symptom 1: Headaches

Headaches are the most common symptom for most of the people suffering from this ailment. The intensity and the exact location of the headache will vary depending upon the arteries which have been affected. The headache generally starts as soon as the ailment sets in and increases in intensity as time progresses. The general tendency is for the pain to be concentrated in the front parts of the head and not in the back parts.

Symptom 2: Tenderness

Another common symptom is the tenderness of the skin in the area of the scalp and the head. Since the arteries become inflamed, they can be felt under the tender skin. If the ailment is serious and the inflammation is very much,  at times the inflamed arteries are visible and can be seen by the patient in the mirror also.

Symptom 3: Pain in the Jaw

Nearly half the patients suffering from Temporal Arteries complain of Jaw Pain. This pain can be generally felt while chewing food and disappears wen the jaw muscles are not being used. The intensity of the pain varies depending upon the exact area where the inflammation of the arteries has occurred.

Symptom #4: Loss of Vision

Some form of a vision loss is a common symptom in patients suffering from Temporal Arteritis. The extent of damage to the visions varies from person to person and also depends upon the intensity of the ailment. The vision impairment is an early warning indicator of the disease. It starts from one eye and can end up in complete blindness.

Symptom 5: Fever

Many patients complain of fever when Temporal Arteritis affects them. Though a common symptom, the exact relationship of this symptom to the ailment is not known. Any bacteria do not cause this ailment, whereas bacteria always causes fever and hence the exact reason as to why patients suffering form Temporal Arteritis also have fever is not known.

Symptom 6: Polymyalgia Rheumitica

Like in the case of fever, here also the exact relationship between Temporal Arteritis and polymyalgia rheumitica (PMR) is unknown, However, this remain a common symptom of Temporal Arteritis. In this case the patient suffers from pain, tenderness, and stiffness which spreads beyond the area of the head onto the shoulders, upper arms and even to the hips.

Symptom #7: Loss of Appetite

Loss of appetite is another common symptom seen in people suffering from Temporal Arteritis. If the ailment goes untreated and this symptom persists, the patient may suffer additionally with weight loss and malnutrition also. In this symptom, the patient just does not find the food appealing and starts taking extremely small portions as compared to before.

Symptom #8: Strokes

A stroke is a symptom which occurs only when the ailment is at a very advanced level and the patient is in a very serious condition. In a stroke, the blood supply to the brain gets disrupted since a blood vessel gets blocked. A stroke is the most common cause for death in the United States.

Symptom #9: Pain in the Mouth

Severe main in the jaw, tongue or any other part of the mouth is also a noticeable symptom. It also contributes to loss in appetite.

Symptom #10: Depression

Obstructed blood flow to the brain might lead to depression in the patients. It makes the patient unhappy all the time and this gradually leads to depression in the patient.

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