10 Simple Things You Can Do To Fight Hair Loss


Hair loss has become a global epidemic doing these things can help you fight hair loss.

1. Consider Your Diet

Protein plays a vital role in your body from building tissues to growing your hair.
Consuming enough proteins as part of your diet helps in fighting hair loss. Some of the best sources to get enough protein are milk, egg whites, and fish.
Eating seafood such as salmon and mackerel is high in omega-3 fatty acids which will help in building protein in the body.

2. Don’t Forget Your Vitamins

Vitamins play a crucial role in building the hair. Vitamin A is considered as the most important one in improving hair quality. Leafy greens, carrots, and eggs are rich in Vitamin A that is good for eyes and hair.
While Vitamin B12 improves blood count and Vitamin E regulates circulation. Improved circulation and blood count improves hair count.

3. Talk to Your Doctor

Many people who lose their hair fail to understand that it could be in the genetics. They often fail to reach out to the doctors for a treatment for it. It is never too late to reach a doctor when facing hair fall situation.

4. Break Bad Habits

Bad habits like smoking and alcohol intake can spoil your chances to grow hair. So getting rid of these habits will help both improve hair condition and also health.

5. Keep the Peace

Keeping stress and tension at bay also helps to improve hair condition. Meditation, yoga and other practices that help in keeping calm will certainly help so.

6. Exercise

People who work regularly have adrenaline and other hormones released in the body. These exercises help the blood flow in the body making it all good for your hair growth.

7. Essential Oil Scalp Massage

Massage improves blood circulation to the scalp. Improved blood circulation promotes hair growth. To add to this adding oil nourishes the follicles and helps regenerate the lost hair.

8. Natural Juices

Juice contains the truest forms of fruits. Using lemon, ginger juice or aloe-vera juice improves hair growth. Apply it overnight and wash it in the morning for the best results.

9. Antioxidants

Antioxidants have got the capability to fight free radicals, drinking green tea boosts hair growth. Also, apply a mask of green tea helps to improve the hair volume.

10. Be Kind to Your Hair

Avoid using harmful shampoo, drying agents, straighteners and other devices that damage the hair. Harmful sprays and chemicals can damage the hair and hair follicles. Shampoos with strong chemicals should also be avoided.

Well, these are some of the ways to improve hair growth. But people got o t know that hair is not permanent and we were all born beautiful without hair.

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