10 Most Common Reactions to Statins

Common Reactions to Statins

Cholesterol is a potential threat to our bodies. There is obviously both good and bad cholesterol. The bad cholesterol when increases in our bodies can contribute to several complications and can also lead to heart diseases. It is therefore recommended to keep the cholesterol levels balanced with the intake of a proper diet and also along with some healthy lifestyle habits. Easy as it sounds, it is really difficult when it comes to executing these methods in real life.

A kind of drug, namedStatins has been introduced in the medical world which is known to minimize the presence of excessive cholesterol in human bodies. They are functional when it comes to saving lives however they have their own limitations. Patients often experience numerous side effects when they use this drug and these effects discourage them from using the drug any further. The reaction can vary from being gentle to dreadful. Here in our next segment, we will discuss some of the most common symptoms related to this drug.

10 most common reactions to Statins

#1 Muscle cramps

This is the most common type of reaction that one can expect while using this drug. The pain is disturbing but tolerable however it can get really agonizing for some. This is one of the primary factors why most patients are driven to discontinue this drug.

#2 Bleeding from the nose

Our nose is a very delicate and sensitive organ and the intricate membranes lining our nostrils are easily prone to breakage which makes nose bleeding quite common. Hence this is a very common side effect of using the drug.If bleeding from the nose occurs too frequently or if one experiences severe blood flow from the nose then insist visit the doctor immediately.

#3 Problems of congested or overflowing nose

 This is also a common symptom that is faced by patients who use the Statins drug. This can be due to inflammation or irritation in the membranes of the nostrils. These symptoms do not possess any potential threat but can be really alarming and can cause a lot of discomfort for the patients. When the options tend to become severe it is recommended to consult a doctor and often patients decide to discontinue the drug.

#4 Not feeling well

Our body is always at potential risk of getting attacked by any foreign bodies. These foreign objects can make us feel sick or unwell. However, our bodies have inbuilt defenses and also there are several medical facilities available for this condition of ours. Patients who intake Statins also claim to feel unwell with a slight tendency of vomiting. In cases of severe symptoms, one might feel the need to consult a doctor.

#5 Aching throat

This is another symptom of patients using Statins. This can really be unbearable and one might face difficulty in swallowing, eating or even gulping down saliva. It can be utterly painful however it is curable using certain medications. Patients using Statins might want to consult a doctor before taking in any medicine just to make sure that their medications can coexist with other remedies.

#6 Headaches

Headaches can be severe and excruciating in patients using Statins. This often leads to the discount nation of the drug. The reason behind this is undetected as of now however, the patient must consult a doctor in case of severe and unbearable headaches.

#7 Indigestion

Patients using Statins can have digestion problems leading to diarrhea and constipation. Inclining towards a more healthy and fibrous diet might solve the problem.

#8 High blood sugar

Statins are known to increase blood sugar levels and can cause blurry vision, numbness, fatigue, and weight loss. This is a serious issue and one might want to consult a doctor regarding this.

#9 Peripheral Neuropathy

This can be another serious side effects of using this drug. This can cause numbness in hands and feet with slight aching and tingling effects. It is advised to visit a doctor if this continues to be serious.

#10 Light-headedness

This is another common symptom. One might have a blurry vision or can feel their ears ringing. Proper rest is required during these times. Activities involving driving and heavy machinery should be avoided.

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