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10 Home Remedies For Brittle Nails


The problem of brittle nails is faced by most women and it is very important to treat them. As you know that women are very much concerned about their beauty and beauty is not only on your face but also on your hands, legs and all your body, so it is very important to treat every part of your body.

If you are having brittle nails then you should try to treat them rather than ignoring them. Brittle nails look very much awkward when anyone notices them.

You should not apply or even not eat any type of medication for that. You just have to follow some home remedies for this and your problem will be solved easily.

Here are the home remedies to treat your brittle nails:

1. Vitamin E capsules are very easily available in the chemist shop, so just buy that oil and apply it on your nails and even start eating the vitamin E capsules as they are very good for your health and also, they will treat your brittle nails. Vitamin E capsules are very much good for your nails.

2. As you know that coconut oil is very good for your inner and outer body so just go for it. Apply the warm coconut oil on your brittle nails at night and you will get the best results.

3. Also, you can apply apple cider vinegar as it is very good for your nails. It contains iron, calcium and many more things which are very healthy and good for you. Apple cider vinegar will help your nails to treat your brittle nails.

4. If you want to treat your brittle nails then you can just mix the lemon juice and olive oil and just dip the cotton ball in it and start massaging your nails properly. You can apply this mixture at night and after that wash your hands in the morning.

5. Mix the olive oil, jojoba oil, and almond oil as these are the essential oils and these oils are very good for your nails. Just apply the mixture of these oils to your brittle nails and massage them. Leave it for 10 minutes and then wash it off with clean water.

6. You can also do one thing. Just mix some amount of milk with the egg yolk and apply them to your nails. It will work as a moisturizer and you will be able to treat your brittle nails very easily after applying them.

7. You can also just apply the flaxseed oil to your nails. It contains very healthy things like calcium, iron, and many more which are healthy for your nails. You can just apply this oil before going to bed.

8. Just mix the tea tree oil with the vitamin E oil and apply it to your nails to get better and quick results. These oils are also very good for nails.

9. You have to take the peppermint and chamomile and put them in the boiling water and boil them properly and once it is done you have to leave them for 2 hours and just take the mixture out of it to use that. Add some amount of olive oil and wheat flour in it and apply it to your nails for 1 hour and then just wash your hands properly.

10. You can also use castor oil to treat your brittle nails.

So, these are some of the home remedies which you can follow to treat your brittle nails.

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