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1 Simple Thing That Will Make You Lose 70 Lbs


Losing weight can be challenging. It is one of the most difficult tasks and is a journey that requires dedication, determination, and consistency. If you have been struggling to begin or complete your weight loss journey, then continue reading.

Weight loss is a little more difficult than it seems. We have picked up one simple thing that will help you lose 70 lbs. Yes! You heard that right; instilling one simple change or a habit can make you lose at least 70 lbs.

Weight gain can be influenced by several factors. Some of the common factors that will lead to weight gain are:

  • Genetics
  • Age
  • Chronic conditions
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Poor diet
  • Unhealthy lifestyle

Therefore, a few simple changes in the above factors and instilling some easy habits will help you lose weight instantly.

Losing 70 lbs is not an easy task. Weight loss requires a lot of patience along with a healthy diet. If you want to lose 70 lbs without any minor inconvenience, then you can go for a CALORIE DEFICIT DIET.

Yes, the calorie deficit diet is that one simple thing you can choose to lose 70 lbs. The calorie deficit diet is a diet that includes food items that have fewer calories.

In simple words, this diet will make you consume fewer calories than your body usually uses. Eventually, your body will break down the stored fat for energy and you can lose 70 lbs within a few months.

Consuming fewer calories will force your body to break down the extra fat, shed stored fat, and use it for the energy. For this, you have to include food items that have fewer calories and limit your intake to a lot of extents.

A calorie deficit diet is considered to be an incredible and proven way of losing weight in a healthy way.

An average human being requires at least 3000-3500 calories in a day to function properly and go throughout the day energetically.

But when you are trying to lose weight, then you have to limit your daily calorie intake to 1200-1800 calories only. You can go for consuming 1500 calories per day and practice mindful eating.

Mindful eating is keeping a track of what you are consuming on a daily basis and keep weighing the number of calories you will consume on a daily basis. Take smaller plates and chew well.

Eat-in moderation and plan your diet a day before. Keep track of your weight and with these simple steps, see the magic happen!

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